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The Province of Alberta. Wild Rose Country. The Texas of Canada. Call it whatever you like. This is a group for Albertans, travelers to Alberta, and anyone who just happens to be interested in Alberta.

Alberta CS Wiki page.

If you are looking for a rural couchsurfing experience on your visit to Wild Rose country please check out the rural couchsurfing Canada map for potential hosts. Also feel free to check out what may be happening in rural Alberta on the rural couchsurfing Canada group .

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Terra.Ist Terra.Ist moderator born and raised here 04/03/2012
Valentin EstevezValentin Estevez because i love to meet new people and share knowledge, experience and culture 11/16/2013
Rahul YadavRahul Yadav I am in Edmonton & want to explore Alberta 09/08/2009
Patrick Howse Patrick Howse I live here, in Red Deer. 02/22/2014
KIMBERLY28KIMBERLY28 I was born here . 04/05/2014
Laura MedeirosLaura Medeiros My first international travel will be know Alberta 03/04/2014
STNYKOSTNYKO I am Albertan! 01/22/2012
Desi Corriette Desi Corriette I live here;) 03/28/2014


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