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A Art Camp - For all you Creative people


This group is for all you creative people out there :)

This group is for me and you ....

I know I have been bored camping, just wanting to create.
I've been bored at home, and the amount of tv I watch at the moment what am I doing. Anyone else watching too much?
Lets create some art together instead.

a movie, a 48 hour film, some spontaneous group art, some joint venture art, lets do it, I enjoy drawing. Do you?

If others are drawing it is easy, it motivates me. Seeing people working motivates me. Does this work for you?

Yes it should do, Come on I'm sure "they are all saying this" If you see others being physically active, working on their creations, you will find yourself with a new form of energy.

I know I love creating, This group is a place where you can organise creative events :)

Drawing, photography, cooking, talking, debating, games, sports, its all about creating. Creating new opportunities to meet others.

To show and tell each other your work, your art, your creations.

Get posting people, I told you so :)

-Where is the next creative event?
tell me please
-Want to travel with other arty people?
because stopping for photos is OK :)
-need to do some form of creative release?
organise a event

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Created: Mar 5, 2010
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Josh DurrantJosh Durrant moderator 03/05/2010
Sara JagerSara Jager I would love to be creative 11/03/2011
KIWITANKKIWITANK I create my own art which I sell at markets in NZ 10/31/2010
Mo BensonMo Benson because I'm studying art and I like communal activities 06/24/2011
JoyDaiJoyDai I like ART=) 11/22/2011
Mies HeermaMies Heerma want to suggest an activity 12/28/2010
Michael CardielloMichael Cardiello finding magic 09/06/2013
Rosalie PepinRosalie Pepin I’m a photographer 10/30/2012


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