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It’s a group for people who live here and who are related to Kecskemét.

Kecskemét - the capital of Bács-Kiskun County - is situated in the middle of Hungary in the Great Plain. The name of the city originates from the word „kecske” means goat, and „mét” means district. The goat can be seen in our coat of arms as well the motto of our city beneath it: „Neither height, nor depth frightens us.” in Hungarian: "Sem magasság, sem mélység nem rettent." You can find lively cultural life in Kecskemét during the summer, you can go out to friendly wine festivals where you can taste local wines and eat Hungarian “langosh” the fried dough. You can try our famous “Kecskeméti Fütyülős Barackpálinka” which is an apricot brandy. You can see lots of historical buildings in style art-nouveau in the city centre like the well-known “Cifrapalota” -Gaud Palace- and the City Hall which is famous for his carillon. You can visit the Szórakaténusz Toy Museum and Handworkshop or if you are interested in photography you can go to the Hungarian Photography Museum. If you would like to feel the spirit of the Great Plain, You can leave the city by public transportation or by bike also and you can take a walk in Kiskunság National Park. In the National Park you can experience the amazing sunset over the Hungarian Plain that you never forget.

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Dániel Attila Szabó Dániel Attila Szabó moderator I was born in Kecskemét 03/06/2010
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Peter NagyPeter Nagy I just moved to Kecskemét, and I would like to meet new people there 02/16/2014
Lev CsLev Cs I was born and raised in Kecskemét, currently living there. 03/10/2011


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