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Hello Peoples , This group for those people who wants to travel Europe . Not only cities but a small towns too , which i believe is "Real Europe".

And I think that from now on we will keep it to European towns and villages, I think it will be too confusing with all the world here.

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Avinash DhyaniAvinash Dhyani moderator 04/30/2006
ZUZANA AND MIROZUZANA AND MIRO we love countryside 01/03/2009
THE_KARLSSON_FAMILY THE_KARLSSON_FAMILY I live just outside one of them 04/08/2007
IMPONDERABILIA87IMPONDERABILIA87 Want to come back there. 04/03/2014
Lucas ZaquineLucas Zaquine 05/10/2013
Lena ZkLena Zk rediscover the continent 03/13/2014
Lenka FikarLenka Fikar I live in a little czech village and would like to meet new CS ppl 09/01/2013
SJOERD8264 SJOERD8264 Live in small village,The Netherlands offering a couch! 03/29/2014


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Real Italy, small towns and villages714

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I invite you to my small Dutch village!SJOERD82641  04/14/2014
Sailing from Amsterdam to Italy to find out what European Union really isFederica Rebaudengo-  03/24/2014
Volunteers/Travellers - we are looking for you!Klaudia Niedbałowska-  03/07/2014
The mountain village Golets in the Balkans and our Eco B&B in BulgariaPOLLEX-  02/22/2014
HarzViacheslav Baybikov1  10/15/2013
From country side of Asia!Shehan Jayasena-  10/11/2013
friendzrishabh SURANA-  10/06/2013
Mobile-house travel-library, music-studio and workshop-mobile lifestyle travel project looks for a TEAMLuis Daniel Maldonado Fonken-  09/30/2013
Balkan Mafia S02E02-HELLAS The lost(in the Labyrinth)ParadiseElissavet Bubblemaker-  08/12/2013
¿Quieres una vida nueva en el campo? :))SOPHARINI81-  07/17/2013
Looking for a couch in small places in Scotland and northern EnglandB.SPEECHY-  07/15/2013
Global Citizenship Project (Core Crew 7-8) RecruitingLuis Daniel Maldonado Fonken-  07/12/2013
LST Project Core Crew II - We welcome new core crew members (Management JOB)Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken-  05/25/2013
Cycling Through Sweden to Nordkapp, then to Australia..Begins in June!FALAFELBOY-  05/23/2013
CS Carpool Europe - Travel for cheap, ecologically and meet peopleBarbora Hubená-  05/22/2013
Heading to Skandinavia? We need a driver Germany-SkandinaviaLuis Daniel Maldonado Fonken-  05/07/2013
European Film ProjectArnaud Jullien-  05/05/2013
Looking for someone to travel with (short or long)Akke Folkertsma1  03/12/2013
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