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"so, what do you eat?!"

that's a question we've probably all heard a thousand times...
one thing's for sure, it's a different way of eating, and therefore of cooking, when you're vegan or vegetarian.

there are many arguments you can use to explain to someone why you choosed such a diet, and many arguments to try to convince them to change their habits as well.
but when you grow up eating meat, it becomes such a habit, that it's really hard to imagine giving up, and there's no way you'll trade a steack for tofu.

few people will turn strictly vegan overnight, but i'm sure that someone who decides to slowly give up on eating or cooking meat (let's say only once or twice a week) will finally get to the point where he simply won't feel any need for it (and that's when the empathy for the animals kicks in, and they just give up... hopefully).

so, here's my point: the best way to get people to give you a bit of attention, so to speak, is by COOKING. yes, I believe there's no such thing as a good vegan/vegetarian meal to convince someone that there's another truth out there.

share your recipes, the ones you love, the ones you've already seen working on carnivorous people, or simply come have a look if you lack the inspiration for tonight's diner.

"real men eat tofu"

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