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A group for those planning to visit or living in the most easterly island of North America - Newfoundland and Labrador. Want to learn more this incredible province? Then this group is for you!

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Gary Noel Gary Noel moderator We live here. 02/29/2008
Jenn Brown Jenn Brown moderator Grew up on the east coast, currently live on the west (moderator) 10/02/2006
AVALONIA AVALONIA moderator Local, Ambassador 02/04/2009
Eric WinnesEric Winnes Love this place! 04/04/2014
Patrick Cahill Patrick Cahill 07/13/2011
Magali Paquette-TorresMagali Paquette-Torres I'm spending part of the summer in Newfoundland 04/13/2014
Lisa BizzleLisa Bizzle It's my home, but I'm living away :( 04/15/2014
Rich Mallon Rich Mallon 09/16/2013


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Spending the next three weeks in NewfoundlandLouis Gagnon3  06/30/2013
Anyone travelling between PAB and DEER LAKE early JULY 2013?Simon Williamson-  06/29/2013
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Private guides, CSers?? Irish Loop, Start of OctK-TO7  06/18/2013
hiking in gros morne and in terra novaCyrielle Pied'vigne-  05/20/2013
Life in NewfoundlandAlex Magdzinski-  04/21/2013
St Johns Late Sept Advice?K-TO3  04/20/2013
Trip: Montreal QC -> St. John's NLAydin A.2  04/04/2013
Help please ? I'm on my way to NL, need a place to liveSamuel Pagé-Plouffe-  03/26/2013
Is it worth coming to NL in nov-dec?< anita >5  11/19/2012
Fall Meet Ups & Activities in St. John'sAVALONIA-  10/23/2012
Outdoor fun - 1st Albuquerque, New Mexico Couch Crash (Oct 4-7) - 8 weeks awayASALI M.1  09/22/2012
Looking for information about St John'sSophie Tricard3  09/17/2012
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