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Welcome to Nunavut! Join up & participate in the group discussions if you live in Nunavut, have been to Nunavut, want to go to Nunavut, or are just curious about Nunavut.

If you have a photo that you feel represents Nunavut, email a Moderator and it might end up as the main Group photo!

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Florence DucheminFlorence Duchemin I am going to Nunavut 11/20/2009
ELMIKAELMIKA I hope come in summer 2012 in Nunavut ! 11/28/2011
Thor SimonsenThor Simonsen This is where I grew up (and currently live) 12/14/2013
Michael JanzenMichael Janzen I'm looking for a place to stay in Nunavut! 02/09/2014
T Bert Rose T Bert Rose Invitation of another menber and I live in Nunavut 02/04/2008
Marcin RumikMarcin Rumik 07/21/2013
Samuel Ignacio Jofre Samuel Ignacio Jofre I would like to visit and/or work in a very special place. I will arrive to Canada on July, thanks 03/06/2014



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Looking for a place to stay in NunavutMichael Janzen1  02/10/2014
Outdoor fun - 1st Albuquerque, New Mexico Couch Crash (Oct 4-7) - 8 weeks awayASALI M.-  08/12/2012
*** CS PARIS RENDEZ VOUS 2012 (20 - 23 July) ***Pierre Luc Gosselin-  06/04/2012
Union in diversity: can you help us with this ?Van Isa Chavez-  08/21/2011
The Meridian Project - Ambassador needed!DOREARENDIL-  07/12/2011
advice on accommodation in IgloolikHilary Fair2  06/10/2011
Canada's meeting 2010-Rendez-vous 2010 18-19 sept. QuébecFrance LaVoyageuse-  08/26/2010
Canada's meeting 2010-Rendez-vous 2010-18-19 sept. QuébecFrance LaVoyageuse-  07/27/2010
August 6 - 8th, Toronto, Canada Friday thru Sunday, .......... WE INVITE YOU to... the CouchSurfing trip to the Toronto Beer FestivalTratham Kovaloff-  07/23/2010
Meeting in NunavutJoao Martins1  05/06/2010
work in nunavut?JIA2  01/30/2010
Looking for people living or having visited IqaluitBruno Maltais1  01/30/2010
friendship in NunavutStefano Cavina-  12/31/2009
Iqaluit meetup, Sept. 3-9Louise Brown1  09/03/2009
Anthropology and HomosexualityStefano Cavina1  08/01/2009
How to get to Nunavut....by land?Louise Brown12  06/01/2009
A little help PLEASE? (for MA thesis on bilingualism in Canada)NESTY-  05/27/2009
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