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Are you one of those CSers that plan to make a short film and want to share your ideas, look for collaborators or collaborate, find places to film...? Then this is your place. Write your post and hopefully someone will help you on your career as a film maker.

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Created: Mar 23, 2010
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Felipe de la Cruz Gonzalez Felipe de la Cruz Gonzalez moderator 03/23/2010
Felipe MenesesFelipe Meneses 12/06/2012
Alex Rodresson Alex Rodresson I like it short :P 06/21/2011
Peter SpainPeter Spain filmmaker & cinephile 11/19/2010
Hana BCNHana BCN I love making short films 01/09/2013
David PiconDavid Picon 07/17/2012
Gemma PinedaGemma Pineda 02/07/2012
leonel  Menesesleonel Meneses I'm a filmmaker 04/02/2013


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