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Welcome to the Ontario CS Group! This group is a great resource for those traveling to or through Ontario, and of course those living in this Eastern Canadian province.

If your question or comment relates to Toronto, Ottawa, London, Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph, Thunder Bay, Windsor or any of the other towns/regions with their own sub-group, we suggest you post it to that group, where it is likely to be responded to more quickly. See "Subgroups" on this page for the link.

There's also a skeleton for a CS Ontario Wiki page - you can find it at http://wiki.couchsurfing.org/en/Ontario and add stuff to your heart's content!

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Benjamin VazquezBenjamin Vazquez moderator For better and for worse, I do seem to be unalterably a product of the Great Lakes. 01/19/2009
kumoke Chung kumoke Chung I want to visit. 03/15/2014
Jesse Allhands Jesse Allhands 04/12/2014
Susan Stewart Susan Stewart We want to explore Ontario more 10/20/2013
Lisa BizzleLisa Bizzle I live here 04/15/2014
DoalVana DoalVana I hope to visit Toronto ! 02/08/2014
Mike Lafreniere Mike Lafreniere 08/17/2010


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