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Al and Anna Al and Anna moderator I <3 SK. Sweet land of the 306. 01/29/2007
Elly Ruiters Elly Ruiters moderator Because it's the place in the WORLD I love the most 11/18/2005
Malika SellamiMalika Sellami moderator In Love with Saskatchewan, my new Home! 12/10/2007
Dustin Brett Dustin Brett 06/23/2010
Scott Prokopetz Scott Prokopetz Home 05/01/2011
Charleeee Tapia NoelCharleeee Tapia Noel I want to visit soon 11/03/2013
Raja Haris KayaniRaja Haris Kayani I will be traveling to Saskatoon 01/12/2014
Reo  MirsomReo Mirsom 04/01/2014


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Now Hiring Servers & BartendersMichael Funk-  03/17/2014
Coming from AmericaGayle Bergman7  12/04/2012
Job situation?Steve C-  11/22/2012
coming to saskatchewan in octHD, yes, just HD, Key1  11/12/2012
Outdoor fun - 1st Albuquerque, New Mexico Couch Crash (Oct 4-7) - 8 weeks awayASALI M.1  09/22/2012
Travelling in CanadaBart Verkeyn1  09/10/2012
CS MEETUP: Salsa Dancing @ EE Burritos + Free Beginner LessonChristopher O'Donovan2  08/30/2012
Hitchhike from the Yukon to Ontario in AugustJulie Crawley-  07/19/2012
CouchSurfing Meetup Saskatoon - Free Swing Dance LessonChristopher O'Donovan-  07/16/2012
CS in Saskatoon for a few days in July.Nakita Savaidis14  07/10/2012
Ride Offer: Winnipeg to SaskatoonMichelle Vanya Laporte-  06/26/2012
*** CS PARIS RENDEZ VOUS 2012 ( 20 - 23 July) ***Pierre Luc Gosselin1  06/07/2012
Are you looking for a short term rent for June 1- July 10?Malika Sellami-  05/29/2012
Studios for workshops space?Michelle Vanya Laporte-  05/28/2012
Tunnels of Moose Jaw - Tues. May 8ANICE-  05/06/2012
touring SK (Regina, Moose Jaw, NB and Saskatoon) we love to have csurfers to our shows!Malika Sellami-  05/05/2012
Coming from IcelandKOSTER811  04/29/2012
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