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Do you heal your body and soul with plants ? This group is about Herbalism and anything that could be related to it, from organic to bio-dynamic agriculture, transformation, study, tips on herbal pharmacy, folk medecine and holistic therapies.

We need to stay critical about therapies in general and try to learn about this ancient knowledge to use it appropriately when needed.

Herbalists, plants lovers, witches and apothecaries welcome

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Lionel GermainLionel Germain moderator I Have organic wild plant pickers in my family, and I like it 03/11/2008
Manu KantManu Kant moderator I have personally experienced the benefits of herbs. 06/01/2008
Deborah BetitDeborah Betit i am an herbalist 03/25/2014
Emecé -Emecé - I want to learn. 12/28/2012
Melissa DawsonMelissa Dawson I love plants! 08/10/2011
Veda KachruVeda Kachru I believe in healing through herbs 03/05/2013
JobaH MJobaH M 01/04/2014
Victoria PezzaliVictoria Pezzali 10/15/2013


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