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Greetings to all in Budapest!

This group is for people who want to help each other in learning and practicing languages through conversation groups and tandem exchange. Couch Surfers are the natural core of such a group and we have great hopes for widespread participation.

At this moment the club is just being formed. That`s why we really need help from any of you who have time and wish to participate in our project!

To make the Language Exchange Club active in Budapest we need leaders for different language groups. Moreover, any of you can suggest new language groups you`re interested in.

Who is the leader of the group and how does a leader differ from a regular member of the club? First of all, any of you can become a leader and we really hope that some of you will be active! A leader takes the responsibility to offer a time and place for a meeting and to attend meetings regularly (as a rule, once a week). A leader doesn`t have to teach, his task is just to be present at the meeting. On his own initiative, he can also suggest topics for discussion or linguistic games, but it`s not obligatory.

Lec founders.

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Remi BoissonnasRemi Boissonnas moderator Involved into LEC + visiting Budapest again and again 01/18/2011
Iryna KashubaIryna Kashuba moderator 04/29/2010
John Carragee John Carragee moderator passion for language Exchange across Europe 07/22/2010
Uncle  FranekUncle Franek moderator 06/27/2011
Ali TaherAli Taher I would like to learn hungarian and i can teach German, English and my Arabic is mother tongue 03/08/2014
Sára KrémerSára Krémer wanna learn languages and teach Hungarian :) 07/16/2012
Eldar AlasgarovEldar Alasgarov Interested 01/29/2013
Jen TheresiaJen Theresia 01/28/2014


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