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Dog and Pet owners of Toronto! We're with so many. Why not help each other out when we're away for the weekend or need someone to host the dog when we're having a long day at work. Sometimes it's hard to find a friend or a relative at the last minute when something unexpected comes up. Here CS-ers can find a cat sitter or a dog walker and offer the same in return. Meanwhile our dogs are going to have a blast meeting new friends too!

For questions about traveling and flying with animals here are a few sites: http://www.pettravel.com/ and http://www.iata.org/whatwedo/cargo/live-animals/pets/Pages/index.aspx. You might find a lot of answers here.

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Created: May 2, 2010
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OSCIMON OSCIMON moderator 05/02/2010
EverythingnothingEverythingnothing i have a cat 07/13/2013
Susanna SamoilovaSusanna Samoilova I love pets very much 12/04/2013
Ayla HeedsAyla Heeds Pet lover, doing dog and cat sitting as a side line 01/07/2014
MeillowMeillow Perhaps sometimes I need someone for dogsitting my aussie Sam 01/13/2014
Shannon Fimio Shannon Fimio dog and cat sitter 01/23/2013
Clara KinneyClara Kinney Dog/Cat sitting is my calling. 02/23/2014
Jim RobertsJim Roberts I have a small dog. Would love to meet other dog lovers 07/30/2012


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Petsitter availableAyla Heeds-  01/07/2014
Dog Walking Circle: Anybody can start one!OSCIMON1  11/21/2013
Cat sitter availableShannon Fimio-  11/21/2013
i need a cat- sittereva Reimann3  11/21/2013
Needed: Host for (the friendliest) Cat in the world ! :) July 30-Aug12Taste-Tester-of-Life-  07/23/2013
Hey in need of a cat sitter may 24th to end of monthJoSh Kakakeway1  07/22/2013
gal + dog pal looking for place in East-end Toronton.leanage2  06/24/2013
Mar. 22: Going out of town and looking for a host for our dogYann et Kelly-Ann 2  03/19/2013
Dog air transportation.David Roa4  02/08/2013
Going out of town for a wedding Jan 26th, Kobe needs a friend for one day.Yann et Kelly-Ann 3  01/24/2013
Surfer and Cat-sitter Wanted: Jan 24 - 27Sara VanderWal5  01/24/2013
We won't host them but we do love elephants....Sign the petition!OSCIMON-  01/23/2013
dog and cat sitter availableShannon Fimio-  01/23/2013
Use your Kanine Karma (and other creatures)OSCIMON1  12/18/2012
AccomodationJulia Aguado7  12/18/2012
And now for real!OSCIMON4  12/06/2012
Its our Anniversary...can you pet sit our pooch for one night?Yann et Kelly-Ann 1  10/17/2012
Looking for a friend for my dog over the holidaysBathsheba83  10/16/2012
Dog sitting for floor spaceVitus Wight-  06/24/2011
Pet TransportationHome Ziade6  03/26/2011
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