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Are you interested in non comercial movies?
Are you studying/ have you studied film arts?
Are you a movie freak and watch/download movies oftenly?
Are you interested in film festivals/gatherings?

THEN this group is for you!
We can organize meetings, watch movies, discuss about them, we can watch documentals or indie/non commercial movies, we can also watch classic/bizarres.

This is a group for all movie freaks like me, I know I'm not alone!

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Created: May 12, 2010
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maxberlinmaxberlin moderator my life is a movie. hope i can get a review here ;) 05/12/2010
Ornella H AMICHETTI Ornella H AMICHETTI moderator 05/12/2010
Pablo Stewart HarrisPablo Stewart Harris moderator because I'm a cinematographer and I like to share cinema and art 06/01/2010
Morgana SmithMorgana Smith because i like cinema 12/11/2012
WONDERWOMAN85WONDERWOMAN85 fucking LOVE good movies 04/01/2014
Guillermo LazoGuillermo Lazo because I`m a geek of the cinema 03/19/2014
YAMILES YAMILES Love films! 06/10/2011
Daniela CastilloDaniela Castillo Im a film freak! 04/18/2014


alondras en burzaco22

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Flagged postsModerator 5  01/14/2013
DOMINGO 21hs! CLÁSICOS DE TERROR DE LOS 80!!! Entrada LibreMorgana Smith-  04/20/2014
Jueves 21hs. HAMMER HOUSE OF HORROR - Peter Cushing. Denholm Elliot. Entrada Libre + música jukebox toda la nocheMorgana Smith-  04/17/2014
I sell my camera Canon T2IMarcelo Monaco-  04/16/2014
Miércoles 21hs. EL DECALOGO de Kieslowski: NO MATARÁS Y NO AMARÁS. Entrada LibreMorgana Smith-  04/16/2014
París 1919 (BAFICI)Franco Alvarez1  04/13/2014
DOMINGO! CLÁSICOS DE TERROR DE LOS 80!!!Morgana Smith-  04/12/2014
Busco camarografoJuan Gomez-  04/10/2014
´´El Actor y sus Mascaras´´ - Taller anual de Actuacion con la tecnica de Michael Chekhov - Primera clase gratis - Comienza este miercoles 9 de AbrilJavier Bicoff-  04/07/2014
CINEMA QUEER EN BUENOS AIRES!Sebastian Benavides-  04/07/2014
BAFCI meetupEM Kalifornia-  04/07/2014
Diaz Velez: Una de couchsurfingJavi Moschitta-  04/07/2014
Miércoles 21hs. DECÁLOGO, de Kieslowski. Episodios 1 y 2. Entrada LibreMorgana Smith1  04/07/2014
Miércoles 21hs. DECALOGO, de Kieslowski. Entrada LibreMorgana Smith-  04/06/2014
Make up / peinadoDany Bobrowski-  03/28/2014
Cinéfilo de Miércoles JACKIE (Holanda, 2012).Oveja Descarriada Bar (Palermo). Entrada LibreMorgana Smith1  03/25/2014
Domingo 21hs superclásico: PERROS DE LA CALLE, de Quentin Tarantino. Entrada Libre.Morgana Smith-  03/21/2014
Cinéfilo de miércoles: TOMBOY (Francia, 2011), de Céline Sciamma. Entrada LibreMorgana Smith-  03/19/2014
Gente que escriba hindú / Chino / Japonés - People that writes hindu / chinese / japoneseJuan Guerci2  03/18/2014
Ayuda! alguien que labure con video (cintas MINI-DV)Joakín deVivak4  03/18/2014
Hoy domingo 21hs., ASILO con Peter Cushing y Robert Powell. Horror Clásico Británico. Entrada LIBRE!Morgana Smith-  03/16/2014
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