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JASSAA JASSAA moderator Great place to live! 01/14/2008
Mike Logan Mike Logan moderator 03/17/2007
Ryan Wade Ryan Wade I have lived here for many years and love it! 07/22/2011
Adam AdamAdam Adam 04/06/2014
Robert PrenticeRobert Prentice I will be travelling in Colorado quite extinsively over the next couple of years. 02/03/2014
Etan Harwayne-Gidansky Etan Harwayne-Gidansky I'm heading to Colorado! 04/13/2014
Kendrick KaufmanKendrick Kaufman To gain insight from a Colorado point of view. 04/04/2014
Eric ThompsonEric Thompson Loving the Dream in Summit County 04/14/2014


a round trip by car in the nationals parcs3-
Clear Creek4-
Colorado: Festivals and Concerts13957
Colorado Skiing and Snowboarding Group7061813
Colorado Springs, Colorado4431178
Denver, Colorado869314530
Durango, Colorado209217
Fort Collins, Colorado4971030
Grand Junction & Colorado National Monument5946
I love Colorado267270
Nederland, Colorado4026
Roaring Fork Valley8571
Summit County155366
the colorado meeting plans31
travel buddies, UNITE!11

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Possibly Need A Place To Stay- Definetly Need A Guide Lakewood/DenverEvelyn DeJesus-  10/22/2012
bicycle tour south to awsome watrfallsAaron Bullock2  10/20/2012
Volunteer Opps in frontrange or Summit County areas?TAMARITABONITA-  10/20/2012
Capoeira!!!Marissa Herzog-  10/18/2012
Seeking a driver to bring my car to Tennessee (FREE trip across the US)Klinton Kratzer2  10/12/2012
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arriving to Vegas at around 2012-10-20Gábor Révész-  09/21/2012
CS-members in the US: we need your help to stop the new CS terms of useAMDOSHIMO1  09/20/2012
2nd Annual Texas Couch Crash: Sept. 27th - Oct. 1st (Hosted by Dallas)Tanja_and_Brad-  09/20/2012
Working advice for the Fort Collins area?Marissa Herzog3  09/13/2012
Third Sunday Potluck: Vegetarian Isle! 9/16/12Constance James-  09/12/2012
Kayaking & Outdoor Fun - Albuquerque Couch Crash (Oct 4-7), Columbus Day WeekendASALI M.1  09/08/2012
Looking for a house sit in Boulder!Pam Cowan-  09/06/2012
Moving to Colorado to teach--I need advice!Kasey Snow8  08/30/2012
Crash the Lou: St. Louis CouchCrash, Sept. 13-16!Stephen Barnes2  08/28/2012
Need a couch near Snowmass COGrace Archambeault-  08/27/2012
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