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a Couch Requests group (not emergencies, just regular couch requests)


I created this group (1) for people who are travelling through Vancouver/the Lower Mainland of BC to have a place where they can post that they are looking for a place to stay (without having to go through the Many, Many profiles of people in Vancouver), and (2) for the locals who would like to look at the couch requests and choose the ones that they would be interested in hosting.

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Created: May 25, 2010
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TRINAMTRINAM travel to vancouver, would like to meet locals 04/01/2014
Michael MachallaMichael Machalla I´m going to Vancouver for Easter! 04/07/2014
Manuel Villa Manuel Villa Might be able to help some last minute stragglers 09/02/2011
Stewart and Victoria NortonStewart and Victoria Norton 04/11/2011
Bero BresslerBero Bressler I want to find hosts in Vancouver in here...! 04/12/2014
Baptiste PapyBaptiste Papy Looking for a Couch for 3 nights: WED 16th to SAT 19th, April 04/10/2014
Maiyah Olivas Maiyah Olivas Looking for good company near Downtown Vancouver 04/13/2014
Mike.is.me Mike.is.me a new member from Vancouver 12/21/2011


Group Posts

  Title By Replies Date
A Chinese man will be in March 2, Vancouver. look for a couch!ZHANG JIAXIN-  01/18/2013
Visiting Vancouver Feb 23rd-March 1stLouise Simonneau-  01/15/2013
Exploring Vancouver the weekend of January 19th-21stRory Corrigan-  01/13/2013
couch or hang out tonight!Maxime Picard-Deland-  01/11/2013
Looking for a couch and company (19-21 january) to start a long journey!Lorenzo Guglielmetti-  01/05/2013
Aussie Female Musician Seeks Last Minute Couch in Van Tonight - Friend is ill so need another place. Thanks!HOPEGROWS-  01/05/2013
couch request March 15th-17thyellowlunarsun-  01/05/2013
Couch request for January 3rd to 7 thKirsty Medcalf1  01/04/2013
Vancouver - 27th March 2013 - 3-4 NightsSim Dubach-  01/03/2013
Hello All - Considering Vancouver around July 3-8, 2013Karla Buen-  01/01/2013
Searching a host for 8th-9th janMarius S-  12/31/2012
Couchsurfing-beginner is looking for a couch from January 10.vincent-hischier-  12/30/2012
Warm place for a Montrealer!!!Enzo Casanova-  12/30/2012
German traveller is looking for a nice Canadian New Year's Eve experienceSebastian R-  12/30/2012
A couch/bed for a German couple around the 30th or 31stFelix Mohr-  12/29/2012
Hello Out ThereGeraldine Hutchings-  12/28/2012
returning to vancouver after 4 year absentInternationally Known-  12/28/2012
Place to to crash fer abit ....Jesse Morgan-  12/28/2012