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a Couch Requests group (not emergencies, just regular couch requests)


I created this group (1) for people who are travelling through Vancouver/the Lower Mainland of BC to have a place where they can post that they are looking for a place to stay (without having to go through the Many, Many profiles of people in Vancouver), and (2) for the locals who would like to look at the couch requests and choose the ones that they would be interested in hosting.

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Created: May 25, 2010
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Bero BresslerBero Bressler I want to find hosts in Vancouver in here...! 04/12/2014
Stewart and Victoria NortonStewart and Victoria Norton 04/11/2011
Michael MachallaMichael Machalla I´m going to Vancouver for Easter! 04/07/2014
Maiyah Olivas Maiyah Olivas Looking for good company near Downtown Vancouver 04/13/2014
Baptiste PapyBaptiste Papy Looking for a Couch for 3 nights: WED 16th to SAT 19th, April 04/10/2014
TRINAMTRINAM travel to vancouver, would like to meet locals 04/01/2014
Stephen Williams Stephen Williams Interested in community, interesting people & hosting 02/02/2013
Mike.is.me Mike.is.me a new member from Vancouver 12/21/2011


Group Posts

  Title By Replies Date
Vancouver March 21-24David Fleming-  02/21/2013
Searching for a host in Vancouver - between 20th feb to 26thSKY_SURFER1  02/19/2013
Seeking Couch: March 2 - 12, 2013.Mateusz Kujawski-  02/18/2013
Couch for a cool guy?Elias Priniotakis-  02/14/2013
Some great hosts out there?Janine Freitag-  02/14/2013
Hello West Coast couch surfersRia Robert Kuik-  02/11/2013
Couch needed on February 11Laury Brousseau Tremblay4  02/08/2013
Looking for place to stay the 16th through the 24thErik Jensen1  02/08/2013
Tough MudderTim Koehler2  02/04/2013
I was looking for place to stay for 2 weeks.kevin Bradshaw-  02/03/2013
Scotsman would appreciate a place to stay and a friendly Vancouverites perspective!Matthew McGregor6  02/02/2013
Looking for a couch tonight/tomorrowJames Adkins1  02/02/2013
Looking for a sweet couch on Mar.1 to Mar.18Peirong Lin-  01/31/2013
One night in Vancouver once in awhile....Yuri Awanohara-  01/28/2013
Superbowl company and/or lodging?Kathleen Benckendorf-  01/27/2013
A Dane looking for host near the airport, January 30 - 31.Augusta Strandberg1  01/24/2013
Looking for a room to rent long term.Devan Douglas-  01/23/2013
two nights/one person/23 and 24th Januar; can you help me out with a couch?Lenneke Huisman1  01/22/2013
Couch request for a few nights between January 31 and Feb 4thRobert Scales-  01/21/2013