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Nearby Budapest many opportunity for trekking.
Trekking is a way of living and maintaining our helth and our consciesness about environmental issue. If you know better the nature, you will care more about it. And during trekking we have relaxed time to talk and know other members, discovering the hidden beauty of Hungary.
If you want to get info about events, tours, treking, just join this group.

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Gabor Csonka Gabor Csonka moderator 05/26/2010
Valentine_FreyValentine_Frey moderator Live most of the time in Pilisszentkereszt - Enjoy walking in the woods 08/21/2011
Gabor Marx Gabor Marx moderator I like trekking 07/15/2011
biggypistibiggypisti love trekking 03/15/2013
Gitta SzekerGitta Szeker need to stay in shape for travelling 07/25/2011
veryearlybirdveryearlybird 03/15/2013
Brigitta LandlBrigitta Landl 10/26/2013
Eugenio AstiEugenio Asti love walks in nature/want to discover hungary 11/17/2013


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Flagged postsModerator 1  10/10/2012
55 km trekking on 12th aprilGabor Csonka-  04/07/2014
Rám-SzakadékViktor Hunyadkurti-  01/01/2014
Duna-Ipoly Nemzeti Park 30 of OctoberAlla Mykhailiuk-  10/23/2013
Hiking 23 October / WednesdayIldikó Anna Márkus1  10/22/2013
sunday trekking to Pilis 8th septGabor Csonka-  09/07/2013
hiking plans in buda hills, pillis, börszöny, sk, sl, at....Yazel VN10  08/24/2013
24.- 26. september Nature around budapest ?Paul Epp-  08/20/2013
Trekking at night in Buda hills, HűvösvölgyGabor Csonka-  08/18/2013
next plans?Orsi CsiriO2  07/20/2013
30th may - 2nd june Mátra- BükkGabor Csonka-  05/26/2013
Wild boar watching :)veryearlybird-  05/06/2013
Trekking in Vértes on 28th apr. 1 long dayGabor Csonka-  05/06/2013
Trekking 2013?Gitta Szeker39  05/02/2013
Headlamp hikingveryearlybird11  05/01/2013
Photo tour in Bp. - Wrought iron gates from late 19th c. 21th aprilGabor Csonka-  04/20/2013
Matraberc, apr. 11. 56kmGabor Csonka-  04/09/2013
spring trekking 3rd March SundayIldikó Anna Márkus5  03/01/2013
Pilis tétö from Pilisszentkereszt this SaturdayValentine_Frey1  11/10/2012
Börzsöny mountainsGrzegorz Kokoszkiewicz2  10/10/2012
afternoon-evening excursion to Dobogókő, aug 26.János Téglás-  08/22/2012
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