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Barcelona Hitchiking/Autostop


This group is a place for fellow hitchhikers to meet. Whether it be for posting questions or requesting Advice... or people looking for other hitchhiking partners using Barcelona as a starting point


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Created: May 31, 2010
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Luna  BuLuna Bu . 11/15/2013
Yahnny LvYahnny Lv Never done this before 11/03/2013
BJJ38BJJ38 11/07/2013
Ida MatysekIda Matysek I'm going hitch - hiking to Barcelona, looking for some nice and interesting people there :D 12/19/2013
KAJMANKAJMAN Hitchhiking is the way of life 06/01/2010
Silja LehtinenSilja Lehtinen 09/06/2010
Julia BogdanovaJulia Bogdanova j 03/21/2014


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From Barcelona to Bilbao, this SaturdayMarina Stojadinovic-  07/20/2011
Anyone to give a ride from Airport to BCN city on Aug 1 at +23h05?Mieke De Mulder-  07/20/2011
Salir de Barcelona para ir hasta FranciaJulien Brun5  06/19/2011
lugares cercanos a BCN para camping....Estefania Berthier-  06/12/2011
Does somebody have an Ireland road guide to borrow me??Paula Caballero-  06/01/2011
ayudaaaa barcelona / madridcarolina Arevalo1  06/01/2011
Barcelona -> Lyon (02/06) y Lyon -> Barcelona (06/06)Julien Brun-  05/28/2011
barcelona/madrid hitchhikers 31 de mayocarolina Arevalo-  05/18/2011
HELP! 2 girls need to get from MADRID TO BARCELONA on Friday 29/04 !! URGENTCEELIINAA1  05/12/2011
HELP! 2 girls need to get from MADRID TO BARCELONA on Friday 30/04 !! URGENTCEELIINAA-  04/28/2011
Hitching to Madrid on MondaySamantha Decker2  04/25/2011
barcelona --> southSandra Mi-  04/16/2011
Barcelona->Granada, SEMANA SANTA!!Paula Metsa2  04/14/2011
Hitchike with me from BARCELONA to ANDALUCIA from 3th april?Gergo Ambrus-  03/28/2011
Barcelona to LondonThomas Whitby-  03/02/2011
A good spot to hitchhike to Bilbao?Aron and Mariana-  02/12/2011
TRIP TO PORTUGALARNAU_123-  01/20/2011
barcelona -> montpellier. looking buscando recherche hitch buddyFrances Fung-  12/27/2010
Barcelona to Madrid! (Lisbon?)Victoria Quine-  12/08/2010
A dedo a CS Winter Camp, Romania / Anybody want to hitch from Spain to the CS Winter Camp in Rumania (+- New Year)?jimmsfairytales0com-  11/25/2010
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