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This group is for lazy people or people who wanna be lazy in coming weekend. Though there is already a hiking group, my friends and I still want a group which is only for beach. We may skip the hiking part but just go to the beach, look at the sky and talk, sleep, swim, share food drinks and bad stories.....yeah surely we can still go hiking....if you like beaches in Hong Kong and occasionally you wanna skip the hiking part but directly go to the beach part, JOIN.

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Created: Jun 1, 2010
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Winnie MakWinnie Mak 09/27/2013
Perez DanielPerez Daniel i love hanging out at beach 02/14/2014
Sing TseSing Tse love lazy sunshine beach 02/24/2014
Priscilla YuPriscilla Yu What's more satisfying than lying in the beach? 03/26/2014
charlotte Wongcharlotte Wong coz i am lazy(: 10/29/2012
Ian Hunter Ian Hunter 03/22/2014
KRISTOFER1KRISTOFER1 I love beach..I will be in Hongf kong 13.06-15.06 04/02/2014


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