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Jilzy Tangerine Jilzy Tangerine moderator I live here 01/18/2009
Dayna BuriDayna Buri Living in Moscow! Woot woot! 04/20/2009
K☼stas: Save Us From Our ''Saviors''K☼stas: Save Us From Our ''Saviors'' I've been to Almo, Idaho. 04/04/2010
Andrew and Julie Hahn Andrew and Julie Hahn Idaho is wonderful and we love it. 01/15/2013
Arn and Joy Preece Arn and Joy Preece let's get East Idaho into the game... 10/16/2007
Kyme GrazianoKyme Graziano Idaho is my home, no matter where I go in the world. 03/05/2013
Dan Perry Dan Perry To promote the 2014 Madison, WI couch crash. 04/02/2014
Anjuli WaybrightAnjuli Waybright I am an Idahoan and live here now... 05/17/2008


Coeur d'Alene4543
Ketchum and Sun Valley1-
Magic Valley Surfing Inc.1313

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Idahoans, please share your opinions.Kendrick Kaufman-  04/05/2014
Madison, WI Couch Crash 2014Dan Perry-  04/02/2014
2 Traveling musicians in search of a recording studio!DUSTYFOOTPHILOSOPHER-  01/16/2014
Homeless FriendJosh Xavier-  12/25/2013
New to Idaho Falls!Jillian Canady-  12/20/2013
Day trips or weekend trip to explore Idaho, any volunteers?Sofía González-  06/24/2013
travel companion needed June-August 2013: Oregon + Seattle + Michigan + California + Colorado + Idaho + Hawai'iJohn L-  06/17/2013
Share Idaho and see the world, be a part of the "MEANWHILE" MOVIE MAKING PROJECT!!!Lucrèce Varelli-  06/13/2013
Madison Couch Crash!Katie Lepak-  06/09/2013
Visiting Idaho & meeting CS folks there!greenheart2  03/08/2013
looking for volunteering in the mountainsMalgorzata Tomaszewska2  02/17/2013
CS Carpool - Travel for cheap, ecologically and meet peopleBarbora Hubená-  02/02/2013
Hello, we want to move from Latvia to another country, to Idaho!Elena Semenjakina-  12/24/2012
Hitchhiking in IdahoZach Sylvester-  12/06/2012
Anyone free to hangout over Thanksgiving Weekend?LLVON-  11/20/2012
What's up with the group picture for Idaho?Nick and Laina-  10/24/2012
SOFA - A magazine about couch-surfing is looking for articles and support!Jessy + Bernd-  10/22/2012
SOFA - A magazine about couch-surfing is looking for articles and support!Jessy + Bernd-  10/22/2012
Can I ask you for a favor ?? :-)Rishi -  10/21/2012
is there a sub group for peeps in Sun ValleyAZNISK8R5  10/21/2012
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