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Dear Members
This is a new group in C.s.
My old dream to organize an event where we can teach each other (and our motivated guest) how to cook HUNGARIAN or other nations food. I would like to find inspired people to join my group and make a tradition in c.s. - as cooking event! when enough member it will be the forum to discuss where will be the next event.

If i find partners for it we can continue this events.
We can buy together the ingredients on the market and cook together. We will share the expenses. During cooking is enough time to socializing, to get to know other members etc. So if you are motivated pls. register.

So IM LOOKING SOMEONE WHO WILLing to HOST THIS EVENT! It could be rotary system as well! pls contact me if you can help out with space in your kitchen for 1 time.
Thanks for participating
Gabor Csonka - vandorboy

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Yesim CaglarYesim Caglar moderator 09/07/2011
Gabor Csonka Gabor Csonka moderator 06/07/2010
ALEV47ALEV47 love to cook and eat home-cooked meals... 04/24/2011
john Waraichjohn Waraich i love cooking that is why, and i want to learn how to cook turkish food 08/23/2013
Matthias FeltenMatthias Felten love food cooking wine.. 03/02/2014
Secil BicanSecil Bican 08/16/2013
Ezra T.Ezra T. 04/27/2013
cenk B.S.cenk B.S. I am a food lover:) 11/20/2011


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