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Parkour in Berlin


Agility, flow, motion, momentum, overcoming fear..
need more reasons? let's hit the streets

Over the last 4 years I have been practising parkour with these peoples (http://www.parkourgenerations.com/) and the truth is my feet are getting itchy to start parkouring again!
If you don't really know what parkour is maybe this will give you an idea

The general plan is to run two (to begin with) outdoor training sessions per week (something in the lines of conditioning, warm up, movement-flow & warm down).

Anywho, I am creating this group for any of you lovely, sporty, crazy people who would be interested in joining me when climbing walls, catwalking on rails, precision jumping over cars (or humans), and in general exploring the playground the city can be.

details of meetings for training sessions will be posted on this group, available to anyone who wishes to join. The purpose of this group is to also serve as a forum where ideas, opinions, jokes and in general all things parkour (in Berlin) can be exchanged.



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Created: Jun 10, 2010
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Jasper NöllnerJasper Nöllner moderator Urban guy needs urban sports =P 06/16/2010
Aristotelis Gkortsilas Aristotelis Gkortsilas moderator 06/10/2010
Jana Heimes Jana Heimes moderator 06/14/2010
Henrik KlassonHenrik Klasson Been keen on trying parkour for ages, why wait any longer!? 09/03/2013
Felix BrownFelix Brown 11/02/2010
Sebastian Balsebre-AndraeSebastian Balsebre-Andrae 03/24/2014
Cira HaCira Ha 01/24/2014
Sarah NielsenSarah Nielsen Living in Berlin with an interest in Parkour 01/21/2013


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9th parkour meeting: Monday 30th AugAristotelis Gkortsilas6  08/30/2010
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