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All things CouchSurfing relating to Indiana.

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LEIGH ANN LEIGH ANN moderator 01/27/2008
Donny RobyDonny Roby I'm going to start a fresh new life with new people to call friends and make it into a family. I'm coming to Indianapolis, Indiana to make a life for myself as create a grand future with awesome folks. 02/21/2014
Rob MarvinRob Marvin Currently living in Indiana, looking for help on a project/essay on couchsurfing here 01/25/2014
Arbitrary AardvarkArbitrary Aardvark woof! 05/04/2007
ash Swiftash Swift 03/16/2014
JR-and-Daniela-on-the-road-again JR-and-Daniela-on-the-road-again Living in Indiana starting on 1st october 08/11/2012
Jesse Allhands Jesse Allhands 04/12/2014
Mat FedynikMat Fedynik Recently moved to NWI 10/05/2012


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Hoosiers, please share your opinions.Kendrick Kaufman-  04/05/2014
2 Traveling musicians in search of a recording studio!DUSTYFOOTPHILOSOPHER-  01/16/2014
Share Indiana and see the world, be a part of the "MEANWHILE" MOVIE MAKING PROJECT!!!Clément Elbaz-  06/13/2013
CS Carpool group - Travel for cheap, ecologically and meet peopleBarbora Hubená-  02/02/2013
House-hunting in NWI - info., potential hosts?Mat Fedynik-  10/07/2012
1st Ever Ever Ever Albuquerque Couch Crash (Oct 4-7): Columbus Day Weekend - Save the DateASALI M.1  09/14/2012
2nd annual Texas Couch Crash!WanderQuest1  09/13/2012
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Crash the Lou: St. Louis CouchCrash, Sept. 13-16!Stephen Barnes2  08/28/2012
Evolver GARDEN PARTY FundraiserMaria Mariaaaa-  08/22/2012
Pennsylvania to KansasHoward-Onabeach-  08/07/2012
Back to Evansville (IN) Who wants to meet?ALBERTO -UGI--  07/10/2012
Anyone for a drink/coffee/conversation first week of June?ALBERTO -UGI-3  06/06/2012
*** CS PARIS RENDEZ VOUS 2012 (20 - 23 July) ***Pierre Luc Gosselin-  06/05/2012
In Evansville this week!! Who wants to meet?ALBERTO -UGI--  06/04/2012
Looking for a way to BonnarooPatrick Certain-  05/28/2012
Is there any group in Warrick-Evansville or surroundings?ALBERTO -UGI--  05/12/2012
making new friendsLilia Medina Mori-  05/06/2012
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