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World Cup Fever


This group is for everyone who wants to meet up to watch some of the games. Think it will be easier to find the games in there than trying to keep track of everything in the main Berlin group.

The format for the post should be Date - Time - Team A v's Team B to make it easier for find the different games.

Who is playing?
There are lost of games on every day so why not check out the Official FIFA Calendar which shows every time for every match. The good thing is it is all the same timezone as Berlin so its not difficult to get the times right :)

Where to watch the game?
Now that you have decided which game you want to watch, the next question is where to watch it? The
map below shows some places that other CSer's recommend watching the game. There are some details on the number and type of screens that you can watch the game on.

Anyone who wants to moderate the group let one of the current moderators know.

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Don ShineDon Shine moderator 06/12/2010
Bogdan OnofreiBogdan Onofrei to go watch WC games 06/13/2010
Valéria Y. FerreiraValéria Y. Ferreira It's much more fun to watch the games with other people! 06/14/2010
René RöslerRené Rösler WM Fever 06/12/2010
Scott MaclennanScott Maclennan 06/16/2010
SNOOPY2009 SNOOPY2009 wanna participate in international fan fest berlin 07/05/2010
Rike SeboldRike Sebold 06/13/2010


Group Posts

  Title By Replies Date
2ndCS Football WorldCup + Picnic 28.8 Tempelhofer Park - Players?DAVIDLU-  08/16/2010
match for third place/final @FanmeileSNOOPY2009-  07/05/2010
2nd July 16:00 Brazil - HollandRené Rösler1  07/01/2010
27th June - 16:00 - Gernay v EnglandDon Shine2  06/27/2010
20th June - 20:30 Brazil x Ivory CoastValéria Y. Ferreira8  06/20/2010
18th June - 13:30 - Germany vs SerbiaOllie Tupman3  06/18/2010
I'm breaking my on suggestion for the format of postings in this group but a map of places to watch games would be goodDon Shine3  06/17/2010
15h June - 20:30 Brazil x North Corea (Where are the Brazilian fans?) ;-)Valéria Y. Ferreira10  06/15/2010
14th June - 13.30 - NL vs DKMARLIES_873  06/13/2010
12th June - 13:30 - KOR v's GRE - exampleDon Shine-  06/12/2010