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A Perfect Night In Istanbul


Join this group If

*You want to organize a night out

*You need some people to go out

*You want to recommend any night clubs/bars

*You want to mention where/what to listen

*You want to discover Istanbul at night

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Burcu Taskiran Burcu Taskiran moderator 01/19/2011
Shiizzle Shiizzle moderator istanbul party ambassador 01/02/2011
Erhan DemirciErhan Demirci I like perfect night 01/15/2013
Yalkin SuyaranYalkin Suyaran to arrange meetings 07/19/2012
Ibrahim OzdenIbrahim Ozden night out 04/11/2014
Oğuz EkşioğullarıOğuz Ekşioğulları 11/04/2012
Ergün AğtaşErgün Ağtaş 07/25/2013
Marcus.Frex Marcus.Frex 08/13/2011


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