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le "Picnic du Jour" Paris


A Tradition in Paris since 2009/Une Tradition à Paris depuis 2009 ~ This is our 5th Year!
Come to the "Picnic du Jour", a daily 'non-touristic' picnic for everyone, in a different lovely location around Paris. Arrive at any time you want to... Meet other CSers in Paris, make plans, have fun!

The picnic is posted each day to this group and to the Paris events list.
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Annual Special Event...
On Sunday, July 28 we celebrated the 4th Annual Picnic du Jour Anniversary Picnic

This CS Group...
Join our sub-group if you are a Parisian or CS visitors to Paris who wants to conveniently receive notices each day about the "Picnic du Jour" while not receiving all of the posts of the Paris group, reducing the number of posts that you may not be interested in receiving.

To receive the "Picnic du Jour" announcements please go to "My Group Settings", and set your messaging preference to "Instant Updates". (If you set it to "Daily", you might receive the announcement after the picnic is over, and certainly so if your setting is "Weekly".)

History of the Picnic du Jour...
In the days just after Paris Rendez-Vous 2009, Rodney Recor (http://www.couchsurfing.org/people/RodneyRecor) created the "Picnic du Jour" as a daily activity during the summer months. The following summer, on 13 June 2010, in response to the PdJ's remarkable popularity, the 'Picnic du Jour' sub-group was first organized.

When Rodney is not in Paris, co-moderator Thoutankarton (Eric) and other group members help to co-organize the Picnic on an occassional basis, weather permitting. If you want to be a co-Moderator during summer 2013 and beyond, please feel free to ask!

The "Picnic du Jour" is for anyone who would like to enjoy it, and to arrive at any time they want to. Meet other CSers in Paris, make plans, share great conversations, and have fun! If YOU want to organize the "Picnic du Jour" when it is not already planned, go right ahead and enjoy yourself!
The "Picnic du Jour" is usually scheduled to begin in the mid-afternoon on the weekdays. Working Parisiens can join us later after work. On Saturday and Sunday, the picnic usually begins at 1pm. Often, on the days that someone else has already posted a picnic, this post will support it and announce it here as that day's Picnic du Jour.
Est e "Pique-nique du Jour" debutera à 15h en semaine afin que les travailleurs puissent nous rejoindre apres le
boulot. Les Samedi et Dimanche le pic-nic debutera à 13h. Si quelqu'un decide de proposer un pic-nic quelque part, le pic-nic du jour se fera à cet endroit et sera annoncer via un post dans le groupe paris et cette page meeting.

A typical weekly "Picnic du Jour" Schedule:
(Check the daily posts for changes ~ we often like to try a new place)
Saturday/Samedi - Parc Montsouris - 1pm/13h
Sunday/Dimanche - Buttes Chaumont - 1pm/13h
Monday/Lundi - "Pre-Quiz" Picnic Luxembourg 3pm/15h
Tuesday/Mardi - Spécial Dejeuner au Jardin Atlantique - 12 noon/12h midi
...(sur le toit de la Gare Montparnasse)
Wednesday/Mercredi - Parc Monceau - 3pm/15h
Thursday/Jeudi - Bassin de la Villette - 3pm/15h
Friday/Vendredi - Arenes de Lutece - 3pm/15h
...(Later in the evening, we walk to the Quai de la Tournelle to enoy the Seine, perhaps along the rue Mouffetard, or join another CS Friday evening event nearby.)
We sometimes have the Picnic du Jour at les Champs de Mars, Bois de Boulogne, l'Esplande des Invalides, and other places.

Our Special Annual Anniversary Picnic is traditionally at the magnificent Chateau et Parc de Sceaux

Please feel free to suggest a new or special location that you may know of for the "Picnic du Jour". We value group members' ideas. You may contact me on my mobile: 06 79 14 92 26

Please let me know and I'll grant access.
Your Post MUST concern business related to the 'Picnic du Jour' Group.

I have also recently created the "virtual Picnic du Jour"
in the online realm of Myst/Uru
where you can meetup with your CS friends year-round!
You will find me there as r'Ricard.

Come to the virtual Picnic du Jour in Uru
(signup at http://mystonline.com/en/play/
I'll send you more info on request.)

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Manu CavemanManu Caveman moderator I often picnic... especially in Paris! 07/10/2010
Rodney Recor Rodney Recor moderator and Founder of the Feast 06/13/2010
Thoutankarton Thoutankarton moderator parisian picnicer 06/15/2011
Kate ErinaKate Erina i'm going to participate in this event 07/19/2012
Riccardo GallottiRiccardo Gallotti 03/04/2014
Yves BauerYves Bauer 05/29/2012
amine G.MANamine G.MAN 04/08/2014


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