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Samantha Hill Samantha Hill moderator I live in Iowa :) 07/15/2009
Nalani Proctor Nalani Proctor I live in Iowa and I'm proud of it! 05/28/2010
Javier VargasJavier Vargas 05/17/2011
Nathan Leaven Nathan Leaven I live in Iowa and it is my home state! 12/06/2012
Dave VonnahmeDave Vonnahme 04/23/2012
Jesse Allhands Jesse Allhands 04/10/2014
PRARIEWIND PRARIEWIND I am from Iowa and will soon be moving back. 12/16/2013


Ames, Iowa13388
Cedar Rapids, Iowa218289
Council Bluffs392
Des Moines, Iowa3601324
Dubuque, Iowa3134
Iowa City568640

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You're invited! Grand Rapids (MI) ArtCrash Sept. 23-25, 2011Ann_with_a_Plan-  08/29/2011
DSM CouchCrash 2011Mark Miner1  08/29/2011
Labor Day (Monday)Danni Shtraus-  08/28/2011
1st Annual TEXAS Couch Crash (hosted by Houston) Oct 27 - 31Josue Hernandez-  08/09/2011
Madison Couch Crash - August 4-7, 2011Amy M Kue2  07/15/2011
Travelling across the US for a photo project - looking for interview subjects in Iowa!Eric Brewer1  07/05/2011
CoughFest PlanningNatalie Bohling4  06/24/2011
RAGBRAI hostBen OConnor-  06/23/2011
Fong's Pizza TakeoverNatalie Bohling-  06/18/2011
Anybody hosted for RAGBRAI before?Doniphan Pattison3  06/16/2011
Fong's Pizza takeover EventNatalie Bohling-  06/15/2011
Midwest Mountain Bike Festival June 24-26thEric Perry-  06/14/2011
Twin Cities Couch Fest 2011!Derek5  06/08/2011
language- culture Exchange (Wold Cup or Olympic Games Brazil )Dennes Albert-  05/26/2011
music in IowaJonathan Lowell2  05/25/2011
couch needed for 5-13Adham I Hamid-  05/13/2011
Announcing the 3rd Annual Detroit Couch Crash: DCC3, Wednesday to Sunday, May 18-22 2011Nathan Andren1  05/01/2011
Help from Iowa please...Kevin Richberg1  03/24/2011
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