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Many Couchsurfers use the ferry service provided by "Smyril Line" to get to Iceland and the Faroe Islands.
This group wants to give those who don't want to sit alone and bored on deck the possibility to connect with other CSers, using the same ship at the same time =)
Even though the ferry company tries really hard to entertain its guests, it's always nicer to have someone around to chat, play card games or have a drink.

For a better overview, please enter the date your ferry trip starts in the title of your post.

And of course, if you have questions about the ferry, timetables, if you want somebody to bring smth. to/from the continent and so on, feel free to post here!


Smyril Line decided to stop going to Esbjerg (in winter) and Hanstholm (summer), instead they're leaving the whole year from Hirtshals now. Good thing, especially for people travelling with a car, since Hirtshals is conncted to the Danish highway net. There are also train connections to Hirtshals, unlike Hanstholm. Smyril Line published informations regarding the new location on their website, here is the link. The map in the bottom is in Danish, however the only number on the map of interest might be number 5: that's where the main train station is. However walking from there takes quite some time and it's not that easy to find the way. There is another train station a bit closer to the terminal called "Lilleheden". I made a small google map to show the way from that station and from the campsite/Youth Hostel.

Smyril Line recently introduced a booking fee. If you book your ticket over the internet you'll have to pay € 10/DKK 75 extra, any other way of booking € 20/DKK 150. Just keep this in mind when booking your ticket.

As if the booking fee wasn't enough, you'll now have to pay an oil fee because "Oil prices have increased around 10-15 % the last few weeks."¹. The fee will be between 4 € (FO - Iceland) and 14 € (DK - Iceland) per person and trip.
However, the price for the fee seems to change a bit from time to time, so if you want to know the exact price, it's best to check the website.

[getting to the ferry]

Hirtshals (Denmark):

Hirtshals is an pretty important harbour with different ferries going to Norway and GB. There's a highway going to Hirtshals (from Aalborg) so hitchhiking should be quite easy and there's also a train connection. Finding a couch in the Hirtshals area though might be difficult because of the low amount of CSers there (only 1 in Hirtshals). Cities near by with hosting CSers are for example Hjørring, Sindal and Løkken.

Tórshavn (Faroe Islands)

Leaving from the main terminal in the harbour, easy reachable by bus and car. Important: Due to bad weather the ferry might go to another harbour instead of Tórshavn (mostly Kollafjørður, about 15km north of Tórshavn). To be sure check the website or take their phonenumber with you.

Seyðisfjörður (Iceland)

Connected to the ring road, during the summer (tourist season) there are buses going all around Iceland, in the winter you probably better have your own car or have good luck in hitchhiking. You can find further information on this page.

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