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Morocco enjoys a 3500 kilometers long coastline, with one of the most diverse marine life much of it yet unexplored. The beautiful coastline in Morocco provides one of the best spots for all kinds of water sports in Morocco such as surfing, sailing and scuba diving in Morocco.
The varied marine life in the seas in Morocco is a sheer delight for the scuba divers. The highlights of marine life in Morocco are the marine mammals. The rich waters of the Atlantic coast in Morocco, gives shelter to dolphins, pilot whales, killer whales, and whales of every stripe all year round. The scuba divers in Morocco also get to see abundance of fishes as well. There are varieties of fish such as grouper, conger eel, moray eel, sea bream, bass, black porgy and red Pandora. No wonder scuba diving is such a popular option for recreation in Morocco.

Scuba diving in Morocco is an extremely enriching experience due to the presence of the rarest of marine fauna underneath in the sea bed. One has to go scuba diving in Morocco to believe that the legendry fields of gorgonian, sponge and coral are real.

Scuba diving in Morocco is also developing into a popular adventure and recreation in Morocco. There are two marine shorelines in Morocco: a 3500 Kms of Atlantic coast, Morocco and a 500 kilometers of Mediterranean Coast. Both these offer some of the best spots for Morocco scuba diving.

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