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Coming together as Kentuckians to celebrate everything that makes our state unique!

Here is a starter list for things to see and do in Kentucky. This is a work in progress.

Suggestions Welcome! If you have anything to add or any suggestions, comments, questions, find outdated links or dates, ect please click here and send me a message.

*****Kentucky General*****
Kentucky Tourism

*****Bourbon Trail***** – too many to list up front but I will try to add more
Please note for anyone from outside the US the drinking age is 21

Maker’s Mark (more of a local bourbon and one of my favorite tours – with this one you get to see everything and free tour/tasting)
Makers Mark Tours - There are directions on this link about 1.5 hours from Louisville

Hiking Trails

Lakes and Rivers

State Parks

Rock Climbing/Rappelling

Greyhound (Regional Bus)

Megabus (Regional Bus)

Kentucky Fried Chicken (This is one of the number one requests I have had from people out of the country)
– Store locater is on the top of the page

127 Sale - Long Yardsale through several states cutting through Kentucky

Highway 60 Yardsale

For more information and detail please click here to visit the Louisville group page and check out the links and information there.

Churchill Downs – Horse Racetrack and home of the Derby
Kentucky Derby Museum


Slugger Museum (This is where professional bats are made, you can get tours and miniature bats – special note you can not take these bats as a carry on to a plane they are considered a weapon and many many travelers have had them taken away)

Louisville Science Center

University of Louisville
UofL is also the site of one of 3 original sized casts from the original Thinker sculptures that reside in the US

Muhammad Ali Center

The Belle of Louisville - historic steamboat

The Brown Hotel - Great hotel in Louisville and site of the original Hot Brown a tradition Kentucky dish

The Seelbach Hotel
History - including information on the secret tunnels/rooms

Fair and Expo Center - hosts many events including the State Fair

Waverly Hills Sanatorium
Really this is an attraction as well as a Halloween event. Tons of history to this place and rated as one of the most haunted hospitals. I think I heard they are planning to turn it into a hotel.

Cherokee Triangle - older section of Louisville with great architecture

Gallopalooza Horses - A collection of artist horses that are spread around Louisville
Some Locations of the horses

Bernheim Forest and Arboretum About 20 min from Louisville – Also hosts Colorfest in the fall

Waterfront Park The lawn area downtown, several events including Waterfront Wednesdays as well as just being able to hang out and play games.

Taylorsville Lake State Park

Art and Music
21 C
21 C Hotel, Bar, and Art Museum

Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts

Speed Art Museum (On University of Louisville’s Campus – Free admission to some exhibits most of the time, others cost, some need advanced tickets)

Jeffersontown Gaslight Festival (Basically an art festival but has evolved into more)
This is coming up soon (September 11-19, 2010)

St. James Art Show


TARC (Local Bus System)
System Map

Louisville Airport
(Airport code: SDF) Normally an hour is sufficient for any flight out of Louisville. If you want to be on the safe side you can give it an hour and a half during peak times.

Louisville Bike Lanes
Bike Louisville

Traffic - Cameras, Construction Information, ect.

Kentucky State Fair

Louisville AIDS Walk

Oktoberfest – this one does not have an official site that I can find and the best place seems to move each year. Lately there has been something at 4th St or the Belvedere but normally there is something near/in German town that is the main local setup.

Highland Renaissance Fair


Derby (Horse Racing)
Always the first Saturday in May

Oaks Day (Horse Racing)
Always the day before the Derby – more locals go to this, for the Derby most have house parties

Derby Festival - information about many of the events leading up to the Derby. This starts with Thunder (one of the largest firework displays I have ever been to and goes through a balloon glow, steamboat race, and many other events.

*****Bowling Green/Glasgow*****
National Corvette Museum

Bounty of the Barrens Market

Mammoth Cave National Park and Cave System Link includes tour information, directions, cost, and schedule)

Dip and Dots - originated from here

Metropolis, IL - Home of Superman, just across the river

Patti’s 1880s Settlement

Land Between the Lakes

Trail of Tears Historical Trail - The one that goes through Kentucky is the one the Cherokee followed
History and Map

Paducah Airport

Coca-Cola Museum

Lincoln’s Birthplace

General Patton Museum Also the National Museum of Cavalry and Armor

Fort Knox

Kentucky Music Hall of Fame

Ky Horse Park
International Museum of the Horse

Redriver Gorge

Kentucky State Botanical Garden and Arboretum

Daniel Boone National Forest - South of Lexington stretching to the Tennessee border

Lexington Airport

Local Bus

World Equestrian Games

*****Northern Kentucky*****
Newport Aquarium

Kentucky Motor Speedway

Perfect North - Snow Skiing, tubing I know not actually in Kentucky

Railway Museam

Cincinnati Airport

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