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So far there isn't that many people around here, the idea is still there though, to start something as soon as maybe few more people appear.

Well it is probably not so much a sport, but i thought this would still be the best place to set this up.

What is this about?
It is basically about how to master any kind of situation, that endanger your health, or worse, your life.

While getting into such a situation might seem rather far-fetched for a lot of people, it is in my opinion better
to be prepared for what might seem unlikely.

What to do, if I lost all my stuff and am left without money, cell phone or whatever ?
In a city or in the countryside -
Where do I get food? How do I find my way, if I have no idea where I am?
What is a safe sleeping place?
What if someone is looking for me?
How to travel without money ?
What plants and mushrooms can I eat without dying ?
(Well the last one is probably the cliché)

This was just a few examples and there is a lot more to it, I guess. All that has of course to be adapted to the environment and the situation you find yourself in.

Skills exchange/teaching/practicing

I had the idea of creating a group that serves as
some kind of "knowledge&skills pool" for people who are interested in the subject or are already into it and want to contribute.

I like the idea of having occasional meetings that focus on the practical side of things.

It is a very diverse field of skills and knowledge,
so feel free to show interest or contribute in any way you like. Personally I am not an expert, I just wanted to give this thing a start, but would be grateful for any inspiration and ideas that you can add.

So who is up for it?

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Julian SimonJulian Simon moderator 06/23/2010
Manuel T.Manuel T. I like the subject. 07/04/2010
Paris Helene FurstParis Helene Furst 3 is company, 4 is a crowd... survival is universal 11/15/2010
John OrfJohn Orf I like survivalism and once I buy my gear I will what to go outdoors for a few weekends 10/31/2012
Massimiliano MirraMassimiliano Mirra 04/26/2013
Tadas BeciusTadas Becius 04/09/2012


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