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Istanbul Cycling Group


This is a group for all bike lovers in Istanbul!

We are here to encourage Couchsurfers to explore Istanbul with bicycle. A great way to see the city!

Please feel free to ask any questions that you have about biking in Istanbul.

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Created: Jun 24, 2010
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Ümit OrhanÜmit Orhan moderator 06/24/2010
Ali AtaseverAli Atasever moderator 01/24/2012
Pierre-Antoine MorinPierre-Antoine Morin Looking for a bike and some itineraries in Istanbul 11/02/2013
kemal.anarkemal.anar l have got bike, 12/21/2010
Ronnie AntonnievRonnie Antonniev I like to explore cities with bike! 04/04/2014
Sedat DumanSedat Duman interest about cycling(ı like to ride bike from bakırkoy to florya ) 02/16/2014
jiggy55jiggy55 11/09/2013
Rhiannon DaviesRhiannon Davies I live in Istanbul and love cycling 04/01/2013


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Her pazar akşam, kadıköyden hareketle pedallamaya başlıyoruz.Samet Aksuoğlu-  10/16/2010
where can I buy a decent bike and not expensive?Andromeda Martin6  10/12/2010
HiQueremosPaz2  08/27/2010
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