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Andrew QuirkAndrew Quirk 02/09/2014
Jillian FellemanJillian Felleman 05/15/2013
playoutsideplayoutside plan to visit Maine this summer 06/25/2012
Jakub SiedleckiJakub Siedlecki I'm going to stay in Maine this summer :) 06/12/2012
ELLENMHELLENMH networking with people nearby 01/20/2014
Sinan DemirSinan Demir I will go to Maine for work and travel program. I want to get information about Maine 02/16/2014
Mehdi MahdiMehdi Mahdi I want to discover this state, and maybe host people from there 03/10/2014
Jared StappJared Stapp Because I live in Maine! 04/13/2014


Bangor, Maine83123
Bar Harbor 811
Brewer, Maine 41
Portland Maine6051529

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Anyone else doing the Lobster Bike Ride this Saturday in Rockland?Ara Boyajian-  07/21/2011
Hi everybody.. Im going to be in Portland in JuneDiana Patino5  07/19/2011
What are the best hikes in Maine?Etan Harwayne-Gidansky5  07/18/2011
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Any Couchsurfers Going to be in the Camden, Bar Harbor or Acadia Areas 7/15-7/17?DOG_LOVE-  07/10/2011
Hiking / camping around 11th-16thGarrett Fondoules-  07/09/2011
anything fun during the first week of august...Jessica Gallegos1  07/07/2011
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Paddling through Maine on Northern Forest Canoe TrailДжако - Jaco - جاكو -  07/01/2011
Portland, ME this coming weekend?Ara Boyajian-  06/30/2011
hi everyone! i'm in westbrook now, i'm new here, i'm looking for somewhere to visit, specially on 4th,julyMinh Ngoc Hoang-  06/29/2011
Ride needed to Eastern Mass June 24-26Shlomit Auciello-  06/21/2011
Looking for two days within 100 miles of MidcoastShlomit Auciello-  06/19/2011
Ride OFFER from Knoxville, TN to Maine - willing to stop en routeChad Negendank-  06/10/2011