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Pablo AranedaPablo Araneda for help 03/29/2014
Patt GilmorePatt Gilmore It is my birthplace and I come to visit 03/21/2011
Raphael UngarRaphael Ungar I will be in MA from April 7th to May 20th and it were amazing if someone is to welcome me at his home because I am trying out for several junior hockey teams and wanted to meet fantastic new people. 03/20/2014
ana-morenochuana-morenochu living in MA 04/01/2014
Esther MenkeEsther Menke I can offer a couch 07/17/2010
Adriano SunAdriano Sun Looking for rideshare........ 12/12/2013
Stephan  LeeStephan Lee 01/31/2014
Kassie CarrKassie Carr looking for people to meet and maybe go to a red sox game with 04/17/2014


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Coming Soon! Albuqurque Couch Crash...Greg Webb1  08/11/2012
Looking for host and anybody to hang out with on 22 of augustBUMJUN KIM-  07/30/2012
Cape Cod this week?Valentina R Brown-  07/28/2012
HI EVERYONE...COLONY-  07/20/2012
New England States & Atlantic Provinces!!! Hop Along for the Ride LATE JULY TO MID AUGUST! [[FREE NATIONAL PARKS' ENTRIES!]]Angie Kalea Ho-  07/08/2012
someone wants to meet up in Great Barrington?Nora Lanyi2  07/06/2012
Ride offerRobert Läufle1  06/28/2012
Come to Washington DC's 3rd Annual Couch Crash!HONEYBEAR-  06/28/2012
visiting provincetown and marbleheadMICHAELOL2  06/25/2012
Working with the Elizabeth Warren Campaign - Campaign VolunteeringBen-from-Sydney-  06/18/2012
a room/house to rent in the area of Orleans, Harwich, BarnstableHenrieta Sunderlikova3  06/16/2012
Events: Movie meet-up 7/14 and 7/16Brandon Imp-  06/10/2012
*** CS PARIS RENDEZ VOUS 2012 (20 - 23 July) ***Pierre Luc Gosselin-  06/05/2012
Help a fellow CSer with her Master thesis about Facebook! :)Justina Malciute-  06/04/2012
Inspiring TRAVEL VIDEO ft. USJudith Enders-  06/03/2012
Baltimore Couch Crash, June 15-17Kari Hatfield2  05/28/2012
Another Couch Crash? It's Detroit Camp City! Your 2012 Summer Camp, July 11-15Nathan Andren-  05/10/2012
1st Annual Cleveland Couch CrashVik.Ram-  04/21/2012
End of May Road Tripping to the West Coast!Vanessa Calderón-  04/13/2012
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