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Patt GilmorePatt Gilmore It is my birthplace and I come to visit 03/21/2011
Raphael UngarRaphael Ungar I will be in MA from April 7th to May 20th and it were amazing if someone is to welcome me at his home because I am trying out for several junior hockey teams and wanted to meet fantastic new people. 03/20/2014
Jay Salvo Jay Salvo born, raised, schooled here 03/15/2008
Pablo AranedaPablo Araneda for help 03/29/2014
ana-morenochuana-morenochu living in MA 04/01/2014
Esther MenkeEsther Menke I can offer a couch 07/17/2010
Stephan  LeeStephan Lee 01/31/2014
Adrian SunAdrian Sun Looking for rideshare........ 12/12/2013


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Moving to Boston?Stephanie Wizel2  06/23/2010
Lets get a bunch of CSers together and go camping..7/16-7/18Tamara DeMaio-  06/23/2010
Camping trip in MA for CSers from all over 7/16/10-7/18/10. Wanna join us?Tamara DeMaio-  06/10/2010
You're invited to the 2nd Annual Detroit Couch Crash! May 28-31, 2010Nathan Andren1  05/12/2010
Travelling from Boston to WashingtonNicky and Anneke -  04/26/2010
First Ever Capital Region Recycled Regata!BLAMB!-  04/25/2010
come join meAmy Love-  03/13/2010
Tentsurf 2010April Menegazzo-  03/11/2010
Need room in Harvard area? Only have 300/month, good student, clean quiet, away some weekendsCara Moulton2  02/23/2010
Anyone traveling from Greenfield area to Boston on Sat. the 13th?Jeremy Harrison-Smith-  02/11/2010
New Lofts-LowellNicholas Sylvester2  02/11/2010
Vacation Exchange GroupGiovanna Ro-  01/23/2010
Need transit directionsKim Ansaldo-  01/06/2010
Looking for a Ride to Boston on the 12thJeremy Harrison-Smith-  11/10/2009
Summer holidays in USA or UK (SOS)Francesco S-  10/22/2009
room mate wantedThePhoenicianTrader-  09/27/2009
seeking a ride from Montreal to Springfield Massachusetts on TH/FRI Sept 17th or 18thNOWHERENEARHERE-  09/13/2009
An invitation from Rio Summit organizersIsland of Alexandre Andrade1  09/12/2009
calling long distant runners?Michelle Vanya Laporte-  09/10/2009
Suggestions on places to see in or around SturbridgeEric Tow3  09/02/2009