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Rural Hospitality Asia


This group is to co-ordinate Rural Hospitality in Asia :)

Please check out our website for more information!

Rural Hospitality

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Created: Jul 11, 2010
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Yue ZhangYue Zhang 12/14/2012
Christian CranenChristian Cranen Wonderful idea 02/22/2011
thomwithoutanh thomwithoutanh 06/23/2011
Leonid DoLeonid Do I love nature, rural and wild areas 10/21/2013
Edison EdisonEdison Edison i'm a Chinese i like travelling 01/20/2014


Rural Couchsurfing - Caucaus293
Rural Couchsurfing - Central Asia48-
Rural Couchsurfing - China504474
Rural Couchsurfing - Gulf2-
Rural Couchsurfing Iran339
Rural Couchsurfing - Japan16663
Rural Couchsurfing - Middle East14-
Rural Couchsurfing - S.E. Asia160-
Rural Couchsurfing - South Korea8726
Rural Hospitality Mongolia247
Rural Hospitality Sub-Continent207-
Rural Hospitality Taiwan157

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rural couchsurfing in chinaYoyo Tang-  08/07/2012
travelbuddy in chinaRamon Sediqi-  07/19/2012
Teach English/do reconstruction/computer expert for food and accommodation?Karel Kosman-  08/20/2011
what you need to know when your couchsurfing in rurul india.Dayanand Kalaiah-  07/19/2011