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Euregio Maas-Rhein (Germany - Belgium - the Netherlands)


Check out http://www.euregio-mr.org to get information about this area! Visit three countries at once. :)

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Jacqueline Henrard Jacqueline Henrard moderator 09/13/2007
Chris Neulinger Chris Neulinger moderator 06/17/2007
Dorothee HoffmannDorothee Hoffmann i live here.. 04/17/2011
Robert Samsel Robert Samsel I am living in the lower rhine area, near the dutch border 04/30/2012
Lothar Herweg Lothar Herweg Living at the NL-border near Roermond 04/30/2012
Jan BodsonJan Bodson as a local 01/22/2014
WALKING AROUND WALKING AROUND Interested in relocating in Euregio Maas-Rhein -> fluent English, German, French, Italian, Spanish - good Dutch. 02/04/2013
Mario FloresMario Flores 05/24/2012


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Flagged postsModerator 4  10/26/2008
anyone going by car eindhoven to Amsterdam 03-03-2014manolito Van den oetelaar-  02/28/2014
Autumn hiking trip around Vaals on 25.11.2012WINKE-  10/28/2012
need a rike maastricht -> berlin 11. octoberSandra Magdalena-  10/08/2012
Meditation Party!PRAMOD.KADABA-  09/06/2012
August 31st - September 2nd: Maastricht's Hospitality Summer MeetingSARASWATI-  08/17/2012
French conversation table ALL LEVELS Sunday 19/8 at 7PM week 89JACKYLAND-  08/15/2012
French conversation table(all levels) Sunday 12 at 7PM week 88JACKYLAND-  08/08/2012
XVth August festivities in LiegeFrancoise Ghyse-  08/08/2012
17.06.12: Hiking trip with steam train ride from Simpelveld (NL)WINKE-  05/20/2012
11-12 Feb # Limburg Weekend Carnavalesque / Winter Hiking #2#░▒▓۞ Frank Verhart1  02/08/2012
# 3-5 Feb # Limburg Weekend Carnavalesque #1# (Maastricht-Netherlands)░▒▓۞ Frank Verhart1  02/01/2012
TEDxEutropolis, 04-02-2012, Hasselt, MuziekodroomGreet Roosen-  01/26/2012
Brussel-Paris-Brussel with Thallys trainInge Knops-  01/20/2012
Hiking trip from Aachen to Three-Country Point on 10.12.2011WINKE-  11/20/2011
Nature & Culture hiking tour from Aachen to Belgium on 30.10.2011WINKE-  10/16/2011
CS Maastricht "End of Summer" MeetingSARASWATI-  08/28/2011
Fêtes du XV août à Liège, Lüttich, LuikBEAUTYFUL_WORLD-  08/02/2011
Mont Royal Summer Camp Vol. 5flohfish-  06/22/2011
Road trip from Belgium to Czech republic and west Poland (crossing Germany)KAROLUSS-  05/13/2011
Infoabend 'Kulturhauptstadt in der Euregio' am Do. 12.05. in AachenWINKE-  05/05/2011
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