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This is a group for helping travelers coming to Minnesota as well as fostering a strong local community of CSers.

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Asa.AsheAsa.Ashe moderator I love my home & I love Couchsurfing and I want to share/give back all that I can - when I can! 12/02/2007
Mel Schneider Mel Schneider moderator 12/09/2007
ALI ART ALI ART moderator Hey! I live here! 10/31/2007
Eitan Feldman Eitan Feldman Living next door. 07/28/2012
Carson_LaatschCarson_Laatsch I live here! 02/06/2014
Nick Plimpton Nick Plimpton I am a Minnesotan :) 09/12/2013
AWWWJEEZAWWWJEEZ I grew up in Minnesota. Actually I wouldn't say grew up, I suppose I aged in Minnesota is more accurate. 12/27/2007
Crystal QuevedoCrystal Quevedo I'm in minnesotta, chyess! 04/17/2014


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Pet Surfing: Minnesota 61
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