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The Unity Express: Destination Europe


Hello, hallo, bonjour and ciao! Welcome at the Unity Express. A remarkable journey for remarkable wanderers, creators , travelers, artists, musicians and everyone that wants to discover Europe in a exceptional way. Hop on and click around to find more info about the greatest trip for unity.

Ready for something big?!

The Unity Express will take you in four weeks across 24 European countries. Including 14 cities. You’ll eat, sleep, create, live, have fun and meet new people in the train.

During the trip there will be talks, presentations, discussions, workshops, art projects, exhibitions, music and games. The results are presented and discussed during city events. All organized by local communities.

The Unity Express has many destinations but only one goal: to unify Europe. Since unity has no respect for borders. Nor has the Unity Express.

The Unity Express addresses all people in Europe and beyond. Hence we want to allow everybody to get involved in it's becoming, especialy the CouchSurfing community! The Unity Express was born on Couchsurfing and at its heart this is a CouchSurfing project that shares the vision of creating a better world. Only this time one train at a time!

General information on the project: http://unityexpress.eu

Let's make it happen!

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Haitham ALASFOORHaitham ALASFOOR moderator Core Team Member 07/20/2010
Stephan Pfaff Stephan Pfaff moderator Member of the core team 07/20/2010
LaZmorgeLaZmorge moderator Let's do it! 09/05/2011
Michiel Witkam Michiel Witkam moderator because i love train travel 07/20/2010
Coen de Jong Coen de Jong moderator part of the Core Team of the Unity Express 07/20/2010
Serkan UrersoySerkan Urersoy Interested in the project 09/04/2011
Petra OtevřelováPetra Otevřelová couse The Unity Express is somethig new and interesting for me 01/11/2012
Chicay AmargaChicay Amarga this is GREAT!id like to see europe by train ^^ 09/26/2010


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