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Madrid se cae de maduro - over 35+


If you are tired of hanging out with youngsters and being dismissed, this is the group for you! I've created the group to promote the encounter in Madrid, of people arround 35 and over. People who enjoy life and wants to meet with others to have a pleasant evening talking, drinking, dancing, partying, traveling, etc. So let's meet up and have a great time together! Everyone is welcome as long as is mature enough to not judge others by their age.

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Created: Jul 22, 2010
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UXIA UXIA moderator porque ....no se! 08/31/2010
CARMEN CSCARMEN CS moderator why not?¡ 08/11/2010
Nnmko Nnmko moderator Thank God I'm not a youngster anymore 12/18/2010
maria jesus Alvarezmaria jesus Alvarez i like experienced people 03/29/2014
alla Teretsalla Terets me interesa mas la gente madura 06/17/2013
José Liaño José Liaño i want to meet people there 04/30/2013
David Herzog SánchezDavid Herzog Sánchez To see other plans of my age pers 10/23/2013


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