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Great Wall - JIANKOU (箭扣) section


This group is for exchanging experiences and organizing trips to JianKou (a part of the GREAT WALL OF CHINA).

Jiankou (箭扣) is a section of the Great Wall of China. This section is not only a photographic hotspot but also a hot travel destination due to its unique style, steep mountains and beautiful scenery. 'Jiankou', is translated as 'Arrow Nock' in English, for the shape of the mountain is like an arrow, with the collapsed ridge opening as its arrow nock.

Must be more interesting of the other sections of the wall because you don't have to pay the access to the wall, there are no tourists around and the scenary is just amazing.

You can camp on the wall, spend the night there(under some great wall tower) and come back the day after.

this is how to get to the JIANKOU section of the Great Wall by public transportation:

1.Take the bus number 916 (916路)(this one:
http://snipurl.com/yzk48) in the bus station outside Dongzhimen subway station (on the line 2 of the Beijing subway, blue line), EXIT B of the subway station.
for arriving at the bus station: go out at exit B of Dongzhimen subway, turn right, walk 20 meters and there is the bus station.
The bus 916 takes about one hour to arrive at the town of Huairou(怀柔). The price of this bus is 12 yuan

2.From Huairou(怀柔) take a black taxi. The price of the black taxi should not be more than 50 yuan for ALL the taxi. For example: if there are 4 people sharing a taxi the price must be 12.5 yuan each. With this black taxi you have to reach the starting point of the hiking: shùntōng hóng zūnyú yǎngzhí zhōngxīn (Shun Tong trout FISH farm center, in chinese characters: 順通虹尊魚养殖中心). So you can just tell to the taxi driver you want to go to 順通(read: Shun Tong), where the Jiankou greatwall(箭扣长城) is.

3.When you arrive at the Shun Tong trout FISH farm center (where all the 'waterfalls' for fish farming are), walk until the end of this small village: at the end of the village, on the left (over a restaurant) there are some stairs, go up the stairs and then GO LEFT(don't go straight, but GO LEFT!): if you after the stairs turned left and shortly after(10-15 minutes later), you encountered a blue sign that says something like "this section of the wall is not open to the public" then you are on the right track.
From there you can take a 1 hour and half walk/climb up to the great wall (jiankou section). There are a lot of rocks and some cliffs and can look a little bit hard to climb, but just keep walking up for about 1 hour and half and you will get there. But if in 2 hours you still didn't arrive means that you took the wrong way.

If you want to go in group this is the best meeting point:
The MacDonald is NOT the one on the Exit C side of Dongzhimen subway station(the big one on the road), but is the one INSIDE the bus station (where you have to board the bus 916). So for arriving at the bus station: go out at exit B of Dongzhimen subway, turn right, walk 20 meters and there is the bus station(and the McDonald inside the bus station).

1. Get yourself some trout/ salmon (or both) BBQ style at the trout farm. Trust me, they are like little pieces of heaven!

2. At the trout farm, ask the locals for direction to go to Jiankou. You will need to go up a couple of flights of stairs and then TURN LEFT! Do not, I repeat, do NOT go straight up unless you want to be leet and legendary and hike for 6 hours and sleep on a ledge in the middle of the forest. If you turned left and shortly after encountered a blue sign that says something like "this section of the wall is not open to the public" then you are on the right track.

3. Once you get to the wall, you can either go left or right. If there are more than 5 of you I'd suggest you go right as the guard tower is bigger there and can easily accommodate more than 10 peeps.

4. It can get a bit chilly up there at night even during summer depending on the weather so do bring a blanket/ sleeping bag/ jacket.

5. I would strongly advice against doing this alone as chances are you won't encounter many people as you hike up to the wall and if, god forbids, anything should happen, nobody would know the better until it's too late.

for more informations and PICTURES of the Jiankou Greatwall, look at these web sites:





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