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This Group is a "sister-group" of the Meat&Eat homedinner group in Amsterdam, that I was an active member of in 2008.

We had a whole lot of homedinners, small ones (Mini Meat&Eat (up to 5 people), big ones (Meat&Eat homedinner up to 50 people, e.g. "Soulfood dinner, where everyone brought what he can do best, Pancake Maniac dinner - pancake party, potato dilerium party - just potato dishes, etc. etc.), picnics and cooking competitions (e.g. "Tsatziki competitions I and II".

It is a great opportunity to bring locals and travellers together in a homely atmosphere!

If you have a crazy event idea, just set up an event, create your own rules and bring people together within no time! Setting up an event usually just takes you half an hour and the rest works itself.

You can set up dinners, where everyone brings something (food &drinks), where you organize everything and ask everyone for a little money contibution (please mention in your event rules before) and you can even ask for cleaning help in the last half hour of your event.

If you are a cook, but have no space, just mention it and someone might offer a location.

If you have a location, but no cooking skills, we´ll find the right cooks! If you have a crazy idea, but no idea if anyone is up for it - just try!

The group unites local members based in the Rhein-Main area (and occasional travelers) who have Meet&Eat-homedinners together. It is a tool for organising them and being able to reach local members who are interested in getting together this way.

The members to this group have either taken part in these dinners as guest/cook/dinner host, registered to dinners that turned overbooked, or requested the moderator for membership. As a groupmember, please retain your communication on "daily". We strive to have an active group without sleepers.

You can use this group:
• To seek cooks if your cooking skills suck but you do have a suitable space to get together
• To find a willing dinner host if you would like to cook or have a dinner, but feel uncomfortable having your own house full of people
• To offer your cooking skills if you're traveling through
• To announce the dinner you're setting up, with Meeting Display-link

• Inviting individual members personally works best. Although members of this Group are at itself most willing, merely posting a desire to set up a dinner somewhere may not amount into much action.
• Posts about actual going-out dinners or picnics/park-BBQs together are accepted.

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