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Friend Links, AKA "My Connections"


Let's discuss. We're trying to use the connections links to better understand the way cross-cultural connections are forming and become better at assisting in their development.

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Created: Jul 16, 2006
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Susanne van ErpSusanne van Erp Interesting 02/21/2009
Sanjay JalanSanjay Jalan make friends, explore the world, make it meaningful 05/27/2009
nury11 nury11 brainstorming 04/19/2009
ENERGYGRINGOENERGYGRINGO Want to reply to some posts 07/27/2008
silk_katsilk_kat 02/26/2008
GREENTREEGREENTREE I want to learn 07/21/2006
Jean-François DegelaenJean-François Degelaen because I believe this is a crucial part and could be better 03/28/2009
Ana Flávia FigueiredoAna Flávia Figueiredo Because I think that Connections are the real energy of the CS 08/30/2008


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how do I find a particular friend?LYNNSANE`T1  07/22/2009
Proposal to improve the anonimous partJean-François Degelaen1  07/17/2009
link quality and honest referencesJackie Barcelona11  07/17/2009
Security vs CS Popularity contest.Mathias Wogenius9  05/16/2009
statitics sucks and is totally irreleventMathias Wogenius4  05/16/2009
Surfer didn't show... what can I do ?Scoter8  03/28/2009
Wel Come to Home away home " BADI HAVELI" where Jai will awaiting with warm wel come.Jai Kumar Bhatt-  03/07/2009
should this group be merged into brainstorm? or should someone become moderator?ShAi3  06/02/2008
Updating references.SPYRO1  02/28/2008
ReferencesGreg Yu10  02/27/2008
trust system.. "How do I know..."alex ...3  01/11/2007
about friends and references....and vouchingShAi2  01/07/2007
"Friendship type"SOPHICARR1  11/26/2006
4 out of 10 stars.Cindy and Andy Blair9  11/02/2006
hey...i have a question...about contact lists and friend linksShAi3  10/09/2006
not satisfied with allMIKKY MOUTH18  10/02/2006
who are we writing to?Jackie Barcelona-  07/25/2006
Are you planning to email friend links update?OGONEKORAMA-  07/25/2006
I like the new systemOGONEKORAMA-  07/25/2006
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