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GinyaGinya moderator To meet all the crazy CSers in NM! :) 07/05/2007
I-GER I-GER 12/27/2012
Eric NodgeEric Nodge Living in Alamogordo, NM 03/26/2014
1Wanderer2Gatos1Wanderer2Gatos moving to NM for the summer for 2013 05/21/2013
Dan Perry Dan Perry To promote the 2014 Madison, WI couch crash. 04/02/2014
HOLIDAY753 HOLIDAY753 moving to ABQ 03/12/2012
LuminaritaLuminarita 05/20/2011
Anna BellAnna Bell I'm a St. John's Student! 03/08/2014


Gay Albuquerque1-
Las Cruces83249
Los Alamos5949
Northwestern New Mexico1210
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CS Carpool - Travel for cheap, ecologically and meet peopleBarbora Hubená-  02/16/2013
explore las cruces/alamagordo, feb14-17thCrystal Muzik-  02/14/2013
Spaceport tour, anyone? (riodeshare offer from Albuquerque)DAJS3  02/11/2013
Do I need 4WD in January?DAJS13  02/10/2013
anyone want to go to white sands national monument?Jorge Everywhere ✈1  11/06/2012
Can I ask you for a favor ?? :-)Rishi -  10/21/2012
Seeking a driver to bring my car to Tennessee (FREE trip across the US)Klinton Kratzer2  10/11/2012
Planning a trip in the RegionJosh Ferris4  10/08/2012
Rideshare from Taos to Raton / Anywhere up to Denver mid OctoberHayley Corr-  10/02/2012
cycle tour New mexico waterfallsAaron Bullock1  10/02/2012
ABQ Couch Crash: October 4-7ASALI M.-  09/08/2012
looking for something to do this weekend, while my better-half is busy studying! Any adventure I can tag along to?Micka and Dima Shevchenko-  08/29/2012
Reminder: CouchCrash SF is 9/5 - 9/9!Dan Fleege-  08/25/2012
Looking for clay workshop - Native AmericansVarda Gil-  08/18/2012
Looking for CS in OctoberVarda Gil-  08/18/2012
Coming Soon! Albuqurque Couch Crash!!!Greg Webb1  08/07/2012
Come to San Francisco for the 2nd Annual Couch Crash SF!Dan Fleege-  07/25/2012
Musicians in New Mexico! Where are ya?COASTALTHEOLOGIAN-  07/13/2012
The Hardways coming to Albuquerque on July 6th!!Gingher Leyendecker-  06/12/2012
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