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GinyaGinya moderator To meet all the crazy CSers in NM! :) 07/05/2007
I-GER I-GER 12/27/2012
Eric NodgeEric Nodge Living in Alamogordo, NM 03/26/2014
1Wanderer2Gatos1Wanderer2Gatos moving to NM for the summer for 2013 05/21/2013
Dan Perry Dan Perry To promote the 2014 Madison, WI couch crash. 04/02/2014
HOLIDAY753 HOLIDAY753 moving to ABQ 03/12/2012
LuminaritaLuminarita 05/20/2011
Anna BellAnna Bell I'm a St. John's Student! 03/08/2014


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Los Alamos5949
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Solstice Sweat Lodge (Azteca Style)Virginia Clifton-  06/16/2011
2 mth dog surfing needed!ANGELINE3632  06/04/2011
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RIDESHARE/ROADTRIP going southwestElisabeth Rottensteiner-  05/13/2011
Couch surf party - Minneapolis-St. Paul-TC Metro AreaBRUCE_N_Arizona-  04/12/2011
movin' to roswell..anyone have an extra room?Colleen Dooley-  04/07/2011
Ride to CanadaHoward-Onabeach2  04/06/2011
Who is gonna go? Neon Desert Music Festival in El Paso, Texas, April 30th 2011Melissa Michele-  04/05/2011
Anything going on in Albuquerque tonight?Joe Kugler-  03/23/2011
Visiting Albuquerque for the week (3/21-3/25)Joe Kugler-  03/22/2011
NM Travel Plans - advice? joiners?Kelly Marie4  03/15/2011