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whether you're coming here for a couchsurf or already live here, we gotta go out, meet up and have a blast together! join our group for weekly nightlife outings and boston cs meetups going on around b-town! for the official & active site, come join us at www.b-nl.com!!!!

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Created: Jul 17, 2006
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Tiffany BTiffany B Student living in Boston 04/07/2013
Piotr JungPiotr Jung moving to Boston march 2013 01/28/2013
Jennifer WangJennifer Wang To meet new people to explore the city with! 05/21/2014
Jay PatilJay Patil 06/19/2014
Miriam SchillerMiriam Schiller 06/14/2014
Ronald SalazarRonald Salazar i am going to study in Boston in january 2013 but i want to have fun as well! 08/15/2012
oleg-czar oleg-czar 'Cause I'm Bostonian 05/30/2014
Mike JakubowskiMike Jakubowski Just moved here 01/05/2014


Boston Nightlife1-
Boston Nightlife1-

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Party in NYC 12/29/06Joseph Do-  12/25/2006
Boston New Year's Eve Party 2006!!Sheila Satin-  12/20/2006
Friday: Rumor Club - Dancing!!Sheila Satin-  12/18/2006
Where are all those famouse partys?TOBIX5  11/30/2006
Crystals, Birthdays & FarewellsSheila Satin-  11/28/2006
Wednesday: Gypsy Bar (downtown boston)Sheila Satin-  11/21/2006
SATURDAY: Super Mass Ave Bar ExtravaganzaSheila Satin-  11/07/2006
This week...IANSADVENTURES-  11/06/2006
FRIDAY: Rumor (Certified BAnanas!!!)Sheila Satin-  11/01/2006
boston derby dames present....Lauren Jeffery-  10/31/2006
Friday the 27th octobor Bukowski's 8pmAlexandre Therrien-  10/26/2006
gross anatomy queer dance partydee Wndsm-  10/23/2006
Party friday night the 27th somewhereAlexandre Therrien5  10/22/2006
Upcoming Halloween Parties for Next WeekendSheila Satin1  10/17/2006
Boston Nightlife Events This WeekendSheila Satin-  10/17/2006
Pajama Party!EriAndAdam Kardos-  10/12/2006
Friday: Rumor NightclubSheila Satin-  10/10/2006
WEDNESDAY: news bostonSheila Satin1  10/03/2006
where has LJ been?!Lauren Jeffery-  09/17/2006