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whether you're coming here for a couchsurf or already live here, we gotta go out, meet up and have a blast together! join our group for weekly nightlife outings and boston cs meetups going on around b-town! for the official & active site, come join us at www.b-nl.com!!!!

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Created: Jul 17, 2006
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Coline RohartColine Rohart I'm visiting Boston with a friend this week end, April 18th to 20th ! :) 04/15/2014
DEVNDEVN I don't know 02/08/2011
Jerry KenneallyJerry Kenneally longtime resident of Boston, looking to share what I know 09/10/2013
Izie El HadoutiIzie El Hadouti To meet new people 02/27/2013
Jim DugganJim Duggan Interested in meeting people out in the city 01/20/2014
Daniela LombardiDaniela Lombardi Because I love dance and go to bar have nice time 04/15/2014
Luis CnlzLuis Cnlz bean town 03/14/2012
Kassie CarrKassie Carr Looking to meet people and explore the city 04/10/2014


Boston Nightlife1-
Boston Nightlife1-

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Flagged postsModerator 2  06/21/2007
Which clubs in Boston are great for pure dancing!!! Euro techno, groovy beats, great DJs, real peopleMorgan Daniels4  10/04/2011
Arriving in Boston Sept 26-end Oct, want to explore when NOT working.Morgan Daniels3  09/29/2011
Hello, Hi, Hola, HalloMISSYE-  08/11/2011
Party in bostonLiez Abdul Halim3  08/11/2011
Hello people of Boston =)Andrea Gorgati3  08/03/2011
Looking for people to hang outLouis Le Pogam-  07/26/2011
Friday party ??!!Kamila Stawniak4  07/21/2011
Arriving on the 5th of augustMelissa Caroline Kane-  07/20/2011
Coming to Boston in Aug!Andrea Gorgati-  07/18/2011
Foreign student would love to see a summer school lecture in Boston – please help :-)Heiko Butz-  07/05/2011
Long weekendMONICA IBARRA-  07/02/2011
New/ Want someone to show me aroundTana Lucksanapiruk-  07/01/2011
Whats a good time to see Harvard?Heiko Butz-  06/12/2011
Where can a 20 years old enter ?Boris Tarev-  06/08/2011
Tuesday night drinks?Al Maiorino-  05/24/2011
HEY!!!Sebastian Perez-  05/22/2011
Couch surfers! Share your perspectives in a research study - get $20.Kyle Green-  05/22/2011
Boston Night LifeFatih Canbazoglu3  05/22/2011