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whether you're coming here for a couchsurf or already live here, we gotta go out, meet up and have a blast together! join our group for weekly nightlife outings and boston cs meetups going on around b-town! for the official & active site, come join us at www.b-nl.com!!!!

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Jerry KenneallyJerry Kenneally longtime resident of Boston, looking to share what I know 09/10/2013
bostonsunnydays bostonsunnydays I love Boston and I love the nightlife here :) 12/14/2013
Kassie CarrKassie Carr Looking to meet people and explore the city 04/10/2014
DEVNDEVN I don't know 02/08/2011
Coline RohartColine Rohart I'm visiting Boston with a friend this week end, April 18th to 20th ! :) 04/15/2014
Izie El HadoutiIzie El Hadouti To meet new people 02/27/2013
Daniela LombardiDaniela Lombardi Because I love dance and go to bar have nice time 04/15/2014
Eugenio Jimeno Eugenio Jimeno I´ll visit Boston 04/07/2014


Boston Nightlife1-
Boston Nightlife1-

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Flagged postsModerator 2  06/21/2007
party under 21?Tobias Schneider7  04/20/2010
Extra ticket for 30 seconds to mars tonight @ House of BluesWally Santamaria-  04/20/2010
looking for someone to go out at night!Raffaella Buddy-  04/05/2010
guatemala rum!!Eduardo Calderon Pontaza6  04/04/2010
Anyone is available for a fun night on the 16th?bAbAiAgA-  03/12/2010
Anyone is available for Italian/English language exchange?Raffaella Buddy-  03/02/2010
party warmup at Beacon St for drum and bass party tnPaul Schmidt-  02/18/2010
writer/journalist looking for a cool room to rent with cool people!STEFAN OF ATLANTIS-  02/15/2010
i am looking for languages exchangeRafael Marañón-Abreu3  02/14/2010
Looking for Boston college barFabian Bartsch1  02/08/2010
Monday February 8th- Come to the Concert with me!Katie Miles-  02/08/2010
New Website for Boston NightlifeShahriar Khushrushahi-  02/05/2010
Need Help with ParkingJessica Howard2  02/05/2010
looking for a good and cheap place for dinnerSteve Gaudreau-  01/18/2010
Boston weekendZoltan Boka-  01/13/2010
Meet for dinner/drink on Jan 11/12Prabha Thanikasalam-  01/10/2010
Fantasy Friday @ Felt this Friday!!spook007-  09/22/2009
First time in BostonJack Tavener-  09/16/2009
Sinful Saturday @ Mantra!spook007-  09/12/2009
Fantasy Fridays @ Felt (Boston)spook007-  09/11/2009