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Barcelona: Kitesurf


Looking for kitesurfers to share emotions and expenses? Post here!

Estas buscando kitesurfers para compartir los gastos y las emociones? Posta aqui!

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Created: Aug 12, 2010
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Giulio BlarzinoGiulio Blarzino moderator 08/12/2010
Gabriela AranaldeGabriela Aranalde I'm learning kitesurf in Brazil. In October I am going to do a backpacking through Spain and would like to practice. 06/15/2013
Carlotta  FiginiCarlotta Figini 01/18/2013
dive4itdive4it to kite 04/18/2011
Juan OrtegaJuan Ortega I'd like to meet people who practice kitesurf in Barcelona 01/15/2012
Esteve MendezEsteve Mendez I'm going to start in it 09/24/2012
Sabrina ObwegeserSabrina Obwegeser want to kitesurf :) 09/07/2013
Tony ValenzuelaTony Valenzuela Hi Everyone, I'm a local from Barcelona I would like to learn surf or kitesurf. 05/25/2013


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Inicio en KitesurfEsteve Mendez1  05/30/2013
Hi Everyone, I'm a local from Barcelona I would like to learn surf or kitesurf.Tony Valenzuela-  05/25/2013
a vidéo project, you can help usMARINACRUZ-  04/30/2013
Intercambio iniciación kitesurfEnric Amat Noguera-  04/26/2012
7 al 15 abril Mondial du vent en LeucateDaniel Martinez-  03/12/2012
couchsurfing and kitesurfing in Barcelona 22-23 sept?Katharina Elme2  09/21/2011
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Kiting and sleeping in Barcelona?Katharina Elme1  08/31/2011
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Kitesurfing advice/consejoMatt Jacobson7  05/30/2011
Barcelona Kitesurf CommunityStefan Klumpp-  05/05/2011
Facebook Group: Kitesurfing BarcelonaStefan Klumpp1  02/17/2011
kitesurfing soon?Giulio Blarzino1  02/01/2011
Hey visiting Barcelona for a week, any free couches for two people?Karolin Kent1  09/20/2010
Monday/Tuesday 6-7 september - St. Pere PescadorGiulio Blarzino-  09/04/2010
going out to delta de l'ebro this w-eGiulio Blarzino-  08/12/2010